From a YOFA "Results" Workshop: The Beauty of the Moment



The Old Guitarist – Pablo Picasso
Oil On Panel, 1903 

Eavesdrop on a few minutes  of the January 2009
YOFA Metaphysics of "Results" Group Coaching Call (8min 5sec)

You won't have the context but I trust you'll get right in the groove.

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You are beautiful! How do I know that?  I just do.  You are unconditionally beautiful because you are the fulfillment of the beauty of the moment.

At the January “Metaphysics of Results” Group Coaching Call I got on my soapbox about all this. 

I thought I’d share an excerpt from the call with you.

We have fun on these calls and they have been evolving into a warm and casual conversation. My thanks to those who attend these calls for inspiring the rich exploration that keeps flowing each month.

Do You Feel The Pain of Blame or the Joy of Responsibility?

People write to me and say that the Law of Attraction perspective has them feeling blamed and judged for anything that is going wrong in their lives. They feel guilty and embarrassed if their health fails or if they have financial problems.


That is the opposite of the intention of this teaching. And yet, haven’t we all felt that way at times?

Do you know anyone who is feeling this paradoxical reaction to the otherwise empowering teachings of Law of Attraction?

If so, they might enjoy this little audio segment in which I sing the praises of the beauty of contrast.

You can still get all the recordings from this pre-recorded workshop and live call. CLICK HERE

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One thought on “From a YOFA "Results" Workshop: The Beauty of the Moment

  1. One thing we did with this workshop was to get a view of the law of attraction factory, the manifestation station is what I called it. As I listened to the others describe their places, I was struck by how dismal and lonely GEM Parenting was, my place I was looking at.

    It was dark greens, and the equipment was old polished wood. It was an antique, not in the slightest useful or usable.

    Now I have a choice, do I get things fixed to be bright and energized, or do I step outside and look for new places?

    One thing I love to do in reality is take a room, get everything out of it and paint it with vibrant colors and a theme. Its fun and exciting.

    It was a great exercise in understanding how my vibrations were sending out the message that GEM parenting is useless, even though I know somewhere in my heart that through GEM parenting I can give amazing help and insight to parents the world over.

    So I think I will start with getting My place energized.

    Thanks Rebbie for giving me a way to understand why my LOA was sabotaging my own growth, and indirectly the growth of others.

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