Bonus Session 6-9-07

Xaxisabovebelowsm I did a high intensity bonus jhe session for the top four levels of the list today.


First let me thank those of you who are paying at the top levels for your "high intensity" financial participation in the jhe sessions  Your acknowledgement of the value of these sessions has the potential to bring forward miracles.

I'm feeling that very strongly right now as I sit here, still in the space of the session I just did for you.

The focus of this session was the Z-axis and particularly as it relates to relationships, past and future.

If you are unfamiliar with the attributes of the Z-axis (forward backward directions), please get a copy of Rooted in the Infinite ASAP because it will help you understand the wonderful things you will probably begin to feel as this session takes hold in your experience.

If you've read the book, you know that the sound of the Z-axis is oooooh.  (Project your lips and send the sound forward.)  Today's session wrapped that ooooooh up in love and turned it into smoooooooooooooth sailing.

The words love and smooth, as applied to your past and future relationships, sum up today's' bonus session.

Just in case that shorthand is too short for you, let me explain.

Regarding the past:

Today's session had the effect of smoothing out past relationship as they live in you in your now. 

Whatever you hold in your past regarding relationships, good or bad, got recontextualized in this session. 

You may begin to realize that, really, it was all for love.  The tone of love becomes the dominant reference point in your past relationships.  Your energy becomes smooth.  Old pains melt away.  In the language of the world, this might surface as forgiveness.  We might call it peace.  And believe it or not, it might very well start to feel like love. 

This flow of jhe to your past brings jhe to your now.  That can manifest as a dramatic release of bodily symptoms and a return of vitality, agility, and strength.

Regarding the future:

Today's session also prepaved love, appreciation, and smooth sailing into your upcoming nows. 

Fluid love filled moments. 

Harmonious relationships. 

The overflow of "smooth love" in your now pours into your next moment and your next and your next.

Once you are relating to others from an abundance of love, your relationships get smooooth. 

I recommend that you spend the next few days imagining that you are on a smoooooth ride on a beautiful day, in perfect weather.  Feel the gentle breeze on your face.  Relax your muscles as if you are assured that everything is going to work out well.  Good things are waiting for you.

I'm giving a teleseminar/webcast to introduce people to the jhe sessions.  If you know anyone who might benefit from being on the list, please send them to to sign up.



Love and Blessings,

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