Byron Katie and Law of Attraction: Part 1 Unconditional Love

Byron Katie may not be teaching about Law of Attraction, but what she offers might just be the most important piece of the whole puzzle.

In the YOFA Results Workshop we've been looking deeply into the activity of releasing resistance to what is.  It can start as opening to the perfection of each moment and it can evolve into truly loving what is.  Then, the desires of the heart manifest because there is no more resistance.

In my experience, The Work of Byron Katie is the simplest, the most elegant, and the most effective tool for releasing resistance.

I recommend you go take a look at her site if you are not already familiar with her work.

Then we can talk more about how this all fits into your YOFA Training .

Please comment below.  Do you see what all this has to do with our work with Law of Attraction?

Check back for part 2. . .

Love and Blessings,

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7 thoughts on “Byron Katie and Law of Attraction: Part 1 Unconditional Love

  1. Rebbie,

    Thank you for that! All I can say is wow and I want to see more! What a quick piece of wonderful enlightenment and wisdom! I am truly on a path of self-discovery and I am so grateful that I have found YOFA to help me in this endeavor.

  2. For some reason the videos always say "not longer available" so I cannot comment on that. more is the pity!

  3. This is this first time I've heard or seen Byron Katie and her message comes across as from a place of absolute love and peace. I would love to experience and exhude the love and peace of Byron Katie. I see my work is far from being done.

  4. So glad to see this. I had sent an email to Elyse Killoran in May regarding what her take on Katie's work might be, and these were my thoughts:

    I am struggling a bit in reconciling the thought that everything is good (which I think is right), with wanting something different/more. Katie only briefly touches on this on one of her CDs, saying that embracing reality with joy allows a person to make decisions in their life without negative emotion.

    I guess there seems to be a disconnect for me between embracing reality with joy and yet still having likes/dislikes. i.e. joy = happiness to me, and happiness = status quo… So if you truly embrace your life with joy and happiness, what do you call the emotion/feeling that propels you to change? Like for someone in an abusive relationship – if they embrace their lives with love and joy, surely they still do not want to be abused. I know that Abraham-Hicks would say that the abuse will stop as soon as you no longer include it in your vibration, and you change your vibration by focusing on something else if you can't actually feel positive about the vent itself…

    Thankfully my life does not include these kinds of dramatic decisions, but I am just trying to sort this all out and I feel like I'm missing a piece of the puzzle.
    I have been spreading Katie's work around to many that I know, mostly because I think it gives us a lot to think about, but also partly to have someone to talk to about it with. Like… Our social fabric seems to be very much tied to the interplay between individuals, for better or for worse. It is difficult for me to imagine springing forth into my current life "new" as Katie did without alienating everyone around me. I really like what she has to say, and it rings true, but… We expect people to laugh and cry with us, try and feel our pain, etc. And as wonderful as reality may be, it would be hard for me at this point to hear from a friend, on, say, the news of the death of a beloved pet, "Isn't that wonderful!" Which I supposed just goes to show how much room for growth I have in loving reality.

  5. hi Rebbie,

    for many years now i have considered Byron Katie´s work the most effective, accessible and important contribution in recent years.

    i have been using it alongside abraham´s teachings especially in times where i fweel the need to release myself from deep emotional turmoil.

    i welcome your bringing the integration of these fantastic ways to go about reality, life and ourselves to a broader public!



  6. I am a Christian and have been taught that all evil comes from devil. However, we can over come evil through Jesus Christ. If we truly follow the teachings of Jesus Christ we would be able to control our thoughts.


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