Byron Katie and Law of Attraction: Part 3 – Money

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In the YOFA Results Workshop, people are finding ways to release their resistance to abundance and prosperity.  You might be wondering why or how you would resist prosperity.

Here is how we all do it.

  • We get focused on how much we don't want what we don't want.
  • We get fearful of the lack of money.
  • We get angry at those who have money (Especially those for whom it seems effortless.)

All that static creates a barrier.  Just like static blocks you from hearing the music on your radio, static blocks you from receiving the manifestation you are so masterfully creating.

So, if your experience is not one of prosperity, then you can know that you are resisting it.  If it's noon and the sun is shining and your room is dark, you can know that you've got your curtains closed. 

It's really simple.

The sun is always high in the sky of prosperity. The question is what are you doing with your curtains?

(First step: Forgive yourself, love yourself, know that it's all perfect right this very moment.)

In this video, Byron Katie takes you on a delightful journey of letting go of your resistance on the subject of money.  Open your curtains and enjoy!

Love and Blessings,

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5 thoughts on “Byron Katie and Law of Attraction: Part 3 – Money

  1. I know that we are eternal and that we will all achieve what we desire eventually – but moving things forward is also our nature today, here in the now.

    We are creators and in my belief very much equals of 'The Creator', we could never have an intimate relationship with anyone or thing unless there exists equality. So, we can't just be content with what we have, moving things forward doesn't happen by sitting back and saying all is ok and i'm at peace with this scene.

    I also get it that resisting anything through feelings / thoughts of not having it creates pain and fear but if we didn't feel the need for more of anything that we desire we wouldn't be being true to our true nature either – that of creating more, expanding, growing. Finding the balance between wanting more and being grateful for what we currently have is in my opinion more accurate a way to attract what we desire….

  2. Hi Andrew,

    This is exactly the paradox that we are exploring in the Results workshop. Thank you for saying it so beautifully. I’ll post about this next.

    With Love,

  3. I loved this video! I couldn't believe how her examples she made us visualize mirrored what happened to me in real life. And yes I was glad the car was gone. I walked and biked my way back to health! And within six months I was in a brand new career and home that was much less stressful. I kept saying let go and let god. I kept a gratitude journal on my computer and it helped keep my spirits up. Now I have to work on my relationships 😀

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