Byron Katie and Law of Attraction: Part 4 – (Money part 2)

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In this video you see Byron Katie doing The Work with someone on the subject of money.

As part of the YOFA "Results" Training, I recommend that you do The Work of Byron Katie and begin releasing your resistance about money (and everything else).  It is a deep process of self inquiry and it will take you as far as you are willing to go. The instructions and downloads are all on her website (how generous!) right here.

As your awareness of Law of Attraction expands and matures, you may find that there is a whole new way of manifesting on the horizon.  No surprise there is a paradox at play here.

I wish you bountiful prosperity in its truest form.

With Love and Appreciation,
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4 thoughts on “Byron Katie and Law of Attraction: Part 4 – (Money part 2)

  1. found this video very interesting. i don't think it is "money" that we all want; in fact, i really feel that it is the "experiences and adventure" that money represents… that is what we are all striving for. oddly enough, though… the very people who are having all of the adventures and gaining all of the wonderful experiences… they are so busy just having a good time, that they don't even concern themselves with how it is happening. they are in the flow and riding the tide… that is when great things just seem to happen. and i also think it's sad that we are so tied up with acquiring goods that we don't take the time to enjoy them… and too often pass up the experiences that would enrich our lives so much more than material goods ever could. it's all about "us" and how we feel about our journey.

  2. Rebbie,
    I am going through your book for the second time and working the sessions more thoroughly this time. In chapter 2 you talk about skipping chakra 2 for now and going to chakra3. You then write up to page 133 on chakra 3 and then switch to 2. And in the practice sessons on page 246 you go into the 3rd and then switch back to the 2nd. I remember reading we should work them the way that feels comfortable to us, then somewhere else it says work each one for a week to a month, whatever works for you, before going on. And that we should work 3 before 2 to get the most benefit.

    So, my question-there seems to be no time seperation from 3 to 2, I thought it was beneficial to do 3 for a while before going to 2-like read 3 up to page 133 and then do the session on fire, and stay there for a time before going on to the desire writings and water session. Everything else seems to be flowing well, just was somewhat confused by the different messages in the writing.

    Love your work.
    Carl Griffin

  3. Hi Carl,

    Thanks for asking such a great question.

    In the book ( ) I treat the 2nd and 3rd chakras as a pair. And so, when initially working with the system, I recommend that you establish the energy of the 3rd chakra before going deeply into the 2nd. In other words, begin that pair at the 3rd chakra.

    Once you have gone through the system once as recommended (and this is exactly that, a recommendation), you will probably want to customize it and personalize it for your individual desires. Those who are specifically seeking inner peace, for example, may find a different routine with this from those who are looking for their soulmate, etc. After your alignment is established in the 3rd chakra, you may want to then move up through the chakras in order or you may prefer to always jump from the root to the 3rd.

    Hope this helps!

    With Love,

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