Transmuting Rage into Healing, Transforming Despair into Freedom

When terrible, heartbreaking events touch those who seem to be innocent, defenseless victims, something happens in us.  We hear about these atrocities and they are unbearable to our soft human sensibilities.  How can we react?  How can we deal with these stories that surface time and time again in different parts of the world, in our own backyards, in different generations, in our own newspapers?

We burst in rage.  We retreat in despair.  We harden in defense of our own sanity. 

We are, whether we allow it to rise to consciousness or not, all connected, all part of the same energy field.  Like an ocean where harsh weather in one region eventually impacts the currents on distant shores, we feel each other’s joys and pains, usually without any awareness of the streams from which they flow.

I leave the social, cultural, and political analyses of these problems, and suggestions for their solutions, to those who know of those things.

And in this moment, I write a reminder to myself.  I write this openly so that if you seek a similar reminder, this might stir your own note to yourself.  You can even post it here to add to the vibration of healing.


I am reminding myself, as I have cultivated within myself a practice of Ho’oponopono to the best of my understanding and ability, that this that occurs in the world, in my world, in my awareness, is happening in me.  I take 100% responsibility for these action that cause such enormous pain.  I understand that if they are happening in my world, that on a certain level, I created this pain. 

And with this stance of responsibility, I offer, what I have learned from Dr. Joe Vitale and Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len.  I offer a prayer of cleaning of this atrocity in me.  I offer, “I love you. I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.”

What will this do?  It will not bring back the precious lives of the beautiful souls that were taken.  No it will not do that.  It will not pull the sorrow from the families and loved ones of the victims.  No.  It will not reverse their loss.  So what’s the point?

The prayer of cleaning, as I understand it, acts as an eraser of this disruptive energy as it lives in me.  If I react in rage (easy) I add to the energy of rage that created the incident.  I continue the chain reaction and I become a link on that chain.  If I take the time to clean this in me (not as easy) I break the chain.  I remove my link.  It dissolves, disintegrates.  And with that, I allow more light into my world.  I allow more harmony to express in my field of awareness which includes everything and everyone in my world. 

And so, in the wake of these mournful events, I make the effort to hold this occurrence in the prayer of love and healing for all those directly involved, and in the stance of 100% responsibility, and in the action of cleaning my space of that for which I would judge the other.


Law of Attraction in Daily Life: 3 Ways to Deal with Negative People and Stay Uplifted

Dealing with negative people: This seems to be one of the biggest challenges for those who are working with Law of Attraction.

After all, It’s a whole unique skill you’re developing: to mind your vibration.  It really is a practice.  You’re busy paying attention to your inner guidance and you keep modulating your vibration to bring yourself into greater and greater joy.  Or maybe to simply bring yourself up from despair or upset.

Either way, you’re working on it, right?

And maybe you’re chugging along, feeling better, little by little, and then boom.  You encounter someone who is giving their full attention to something not wanted.  They are really in it and they’re looking for a response from you.

That’s When the Gears Grind

They are doing exactly the opposite of what you are working on.


You feel yourself tense up.  Your mind starts spinning.  You don’t want to judge, and you’ve learned not to try to “help” when they are not asking for it.  Usually when you try to help someone who is not asking for help, by overlaying your perspective, they tend to feel judged.   It can feel to them like you perceive them as needing to be “fixed” and like you are trying to change them.

This is a subtle point, but often your authentically good intentions can end up backfiring. You can actually become a new problem for that person to complain about!   Has this ever happened to you?

So there you are, not knowing what to say or do.  You don’t want to stay in the conversation of their negative focus, but you don't want to leave because this person matters to you…You freeze —  like a deer in the headlights.

What to Do?

Here are 3 things you can do, right at that moment.  They are all based on you taking 100% responsibility for your experience.  And so they all carry you further toward your empowerment, freedom, and enbrightenment

1 – If you decide to leave the conversation, you can do it this way:   

Express your love for them and your compassion for what they are going through.  Tell them that you don’t want to add to the problem so you’re going to go do something you’ve learned that can help in situations like this. (Here you are offering help but you are doing it yourself.  You are not trying to “change” them – you are not implying that they are broken and need to be fixed – so you run no risk of being perceived as a problem.)  Remove yourself from the energy of the upset.  Sit for a few minutes and write about, or visualize, that person as he or she wants to be.  See them, describe them, and create the mental template of them in their joy, power, and full resolution of their problem.

By doing this, you offer a strong vibration that they can resonate with.  As they do, consciously or unconsciously, they begin shifting their point of attraction.  They begin manifesting the solution to their problem.  This is a way that you can be of true service while also cultivating your own joy and connection to your inner guidance.

2 – If you decide to stay in the conversation, you can do it this way:  

With each negative spewing you encounter, notice your reaction. Feel where the tensing is in your body and deliberately relax it.  Take a moment to honor the Divine spark in that person.  Do whatever it takes to have compassion for the humanity in that person.  Take a moment to comprehend that their negativity is evidence of their pain and be an energetic font of relief and comfort for this person.  Yes, even if they are being negative toward you.  Even if they are blaming you for something!  At the very least you will transform yourself and your point of attraction so that you are less likely to encounter these moods in others.  Beyond that, you can be doing a great service for the other person as you silently, lovingly, energetically help them out of there conundrum through the invisible power of your compassion.

3 – Whether you stay or go, you can also do this:  

Ho'oponopono is a Hawaiian form of healing that you can call upon in this situation.      In a nutshell, as you encounter this negativity in the other person, you take 100% responsibility for the presence of their pain in your consciousness.  (Pause here and take a moment to really get that!)  You recognize their problem as yours because they are experiencing this upset in the space of your awareness.

Then you offer these words to the Divine:

"I love you.  I’m sorry . Please forgive me.  Thank you."

Repeat this as a mantra.  This simple yet profound practice sends a gentle, harmonious vibration from you to your world.  It cleans your energy field and opens the space for the good you desire.

Find the Gift in It

Other people’s negativity is always an opportunity for you to work on yourself.  Your encounter with it gives you a glimpse into a region of your own being where there is conflict.  When you accept the offering and work with it, you shift yourself into a new realm of empowered living.  So, the next time you find yourself tensing up in response to someone’s negative focus, find the gift in it.  Use any or all of these three approaches.  There’s an old expression: The situation is the guru.  This is a great opportunity for transformation.

How Ho'oponopono Found Me

drhewlenIt was practically glowing.   But wait. I'm getting ahead of myself.

Waiting for the Book

Years ago, the editor of a paperback collection of self-help tools invited me to contribute one of my articles. I knew there would be some big name authors on the roster and I eagerly awaited my sample copy of the book.

When the shiny brick of self-help pages finally found its way to my receptive eyes and hands, the strangest thing happened. I can't even remember exactly how it all unfolded but the focal point of that book became one single article for me. Like an old vinyl record spinning around and around with one simple peg at its center, my mind kept wrapping around and around this article.

When I recommended the book to my friends, I almost forgot that I too had an article in this book. I was quick to show them my favorite: The one that had captured my attention from the moment I received the book.

======= Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len Cured Patients He Never Saw. =======

This magnetic article was more of an outrageous story than a self-help technique. It took place in a hospital ward for the criminally insane. (Not usually the kind of story that grabs me.) But in this true story something seemingly miraculous happens. A Hawaiian therapist is able to cure all the criminally insane inmates in the hospital ward by doing nothing but looking within himself.

The startling notion that someone could have such a beneficial impact on others by becoming 100% responsible in his own life and consciousness breaks the status quo. It completely quakes our cultural belief systems. At least it did for me.

======= Total Responsibility =======

The possibility of becoming completely 100% responsible (for everything) rocked my world. The funny thing is that this is not the first time I encountered this type of approach. But the message was finding a new way into my awareness. A way it never had before.

I read and reread the article trying to extract the technique. I wanted to know how he did it. As far as I could tell, it was all described in this slim article. And yet it seemed way too simple. Could this miracle have come from something as simple as taking full responsibility and saying, "I'm sorry," and, "I love you," over and over again?

======= Fast Forward a Few Years =======

In time, Dr. Joe Vitale, the author of that article, would come to partner up with Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len (often called Dr. Len for short) to create a book, seminars, and recordings on the practice of Zero Limits. Together they would bring this method called Ho'oponopono to more and more people like me.

And so, as I sit here at my desk watching videos of a Ho'oponopono Zero Limits seminar, and as I have Joe Vitale and Dr. Len right here on my computer screen, explaining this method to me in step-by-step fashion, I am once again amazed. And as I am finding out that it really is as simple as was described in that first article, I'm also finding out that "simple" runs very deep.

Ho'oponopono found me years ago, and I am very grateful to Dr. Joe Vitale and Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len for offering more and more materials so that this is no longer just a story. It is now a method I can use from moment to moment to moment.

Click here to find out about the Ho'oponopono Zero Limits videos I've been watching.



I Love You. I'm Sorry. Happy New Year.

Dr. Hew Len

Dr. Hew Len

Ho'oponopono Zero Limits

After so many decades of setting New Years resolutions, intentions, goals, or whatever else I called them at different stages of my life, I have come to a phase of desiring simplicity.

For the last number of years, I have found myself wondering what is the most succinct, all encompassing New Year's Resolution?  What would be the one resolution or intention or focus that would click all others into gear automatically?

Well, here it is New Year's Eve, and I find myself deep in the mantra "I love you. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you." According to Dr. Hew Len, Dr. Joe Vitale, and Ho'oponopono, these words clean.  This cleaning is so profound that it extends beyond us by generations.  It extends deep into thought forms of which we are completely unaware.  And most importantly, these words (from a YOFA perspective) correct our alignment so that we have greater access to the Divine.  We come into greater alignment with our true essence, which is rooted in the infinite, rooted in Divine Love.

And so this year, it seems to be my intention to keep cleaning and to make my connection with Divine Love my highest priority.

Ho'oponopono and Gift

In the last Weight Drop Gift Workshop, a question came up about how the Gift Formula relates to Ho'oponopono.

The YOFA Gift formula is:

  • Gratitude
  • Intention
  • Forgiveness
  • Transformation

This is also a clearing process specifically for achieving and maintaining your ideal weight.  It includes many of the same elements but it is more directed toward a specific outcome.  It has greater focus.  The Ho'oponopono cleaning is more of a complete release and surrender orientation.  The Gift workshop has that too, with a little deliberate creation mixed in for a specific purpose.

What is your focus for 2011?

To join me in cleaning for the new year, I highly recommend these videos  They are fully guaranteed for 2 months but I sincerely doubt that you would want your money back.  I know that watching these videos might just be the most important thing you do for yourself this whole year.  Get it done now and it will work for you for the rest of your life.

Weight Loss Goal?

If you keep having that same old , diet/weight loss goal on your list year after year, it may be time for a change.

Make a resolution to let go of your weight issue and achieve your ideal weight.  How?  By doing the Weight Drop Workshop Visualizations.

I wish you a Happy New Year filled with Love, jhe and many moments of soul satisfying joy.

With Love and Appreciation,