When Dec 22, 2012 arrives and we are still here…

I'm so excited to share this with you.

Dr. Pillai Teaches You How To Master Your Life LIVE on Dec 22nd…

This is for real.

Dr. Pillai is a meditation Master from a lineage of saints called the Tamil Siddhas.   The Tamil Siddhas were a revolutionary group who demonstrated that to be a master, you have to master your mind, and you have to master your body, too.   They used meditations and herbs to live to be hundreds of years old, they knew how to cure diseases, they could manifest objects out of thin air, they could predict the future of anyone… they were true Masters.

Save Your Seat for Dr. Pillai's LIVE Spirituality and Science Talk Show for How to create a limitless life… in all areas – via Webcast.

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Dr. Pillai is actually the first Master from his lineage to leave India, much less travel all over the world!   For the past 20 years, he’s been revealing secret techniques from his lineage.  But just now, he’s really unveiling the techniques that can teach you to be a Master too. Dr. Pillai is also the Guru of Wayne Dyer.   Most of you have heard about his book called “Manifest Your Destiny”- and it’s dedicated to Dr. Pillai as “Sri Guruji”.  Wayne had some incredible results with Dr. Pillai’s “Ah” meditation for manifesting, and since then he’s taught the technique to millions all over the world who have also had incredible results.

This is THE thing to do on Dec 22nd…

Dr. Pillai is giving a Free Live Online Event on Dec. 22nd, which is a really special day.  I’ll share about that later.

You Can Register For The FREE LIVE Event Here.

With Love and Eager Anticipation,
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The Best *Digital* Gifts


The tipping point has come.

We used to think giving someone a sweater or a DVD that was gift wrapped with a bow was a more substantial gift. Giving something digital was like giving nothing.

It’s still like that for some, but for a growing number of people, that box and that wrapping paper says, “Here is a gift you don't want and don't need, and it’s more clutter to collect

YOFA Recommendations for Digital Gifts

dust for you.”

For those plugged in people, a digital gift is the way to go.  It's useful, it's juicy, and it integrates seamlessly into their lives.  A digital gift enriches their lives – as a gift is meant to do.

Who is this for?

For the conscious individual.  But not just any conscious individual.  This is for the recipient of your gift who always has headphones dangling from her ears or who is glued to his laptop.  For those electronically oriented enlightenment enthusiasts, here are some gift ideas:

The Science of Getting Rich Membership

This 7 month training offers mystical insight into how to attract universal abundance. With a combination of audio and video recordings, your friend receives new insights each month in this transformational training. (Recordings delivered by yours truly)

Cost: $9/month for 7 months – Total $63  Click to find out more

Zero Limits Live From Maui

Let Dr. Joe Vitale and Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len teach your loved ones how to get to the INCREDIBILE & EUPHORIC state of "Zero" – (this is where you clear yourself of past limitations and open yourself up to a world filled with UNLIMITED POSSIBILITIES)

This mind blowing transformational course takes you right into the seminar room in Maui with 8 full length digital videos.

Cost: $149  Click to find out more

Affirmative Contemplation Recordings: I Am Love

Here is a simple tool anyone can use to cultivate a space of Awareness and Divine Love ?in everyday life.  The meditation recordings  offered here help you build a bridge between the pace of your daily life and the inner peace you seek.

Your friend will receive access to 6 audio meditations of varying lengths and for a variety of purposes.

Cost: $7  Click to find out more


Prosperity Quiz

There are no wrong answers!  Just insights to be gained and action to move you toward manifestation.  But be sure to do this before midnight tonight to get the most value out of this.

Prosperity Quiz
Click the answer that best describes you for your financial recommendations. 

(1) How do you know what you know?

(2) How do you take action?
I asked you what area of your life you most want to get aligned. You told me loud and clear.  Financial Prosperity.  Well here are two opportunities – one is practical, the other is metaphysical:
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How to Predict Your Financial Future

Let's switch things up.

I've been talking to you a lot about energy alignment for prosperity.

Now let's talk about the nuts and bolts of prosperity.

This is *definitely* not my field of expertise.  But I know someone who *is* a major expert.  In fact, he discovered something extraordinary.  He found a “map” back in 2007 that’s allowed him to basically predict the financial future. (I know, it sounds impossible.)

I'm about to watch his videos. You can watch all three videos (no charge)
along with me this week by clicking here to go to his site

It's kind of unusual for me to send you info that is not energy related. But this came along right while we are focused on prosperity. Don't you just love Law of Attraction?

Visualization for Manifestation

lampHere is a visualization tip.

Most people focus on what they want and then proceed to visualize it as done.

For example, a woman wants a relationship with a man and so she visualizes herself with him in different circumstances and evokes the feeling of the relationship.


A man wants more clients, so he visualizes his appointment book full and he imagines himself in his office, seeing clients throughout the whole day.


Someone is experiencing physical pain and he or she imagines the ailing body part radiant with love and light.

This is all great, effective, and powerful, but it can be better.

Before you create your visualization, consider not only what you want, but also why you want it.

Then, be sure to include the fulfillment of the "why" in your visualization.

How To Make Your Visualization More Powerful

The desire for money may really be for the purpose of freedom.  If that is the case, be sure to include the image and feeling of freedom in your visualization for manifesting money.

The desire for a relationship may be for the reason of feeling loved and appreciated.  Be sure to include images and feelings of mutual love and respect in your visualization for manifesting a relationship.

The desire for healing might be fueled by a desire to travel or dance or to simply walk your dog or do your normal daily routine.  Be sure to include those activities in your visualization.

In summary, when creating a visualization for manifestation, ask yourself what you want and why you want it.  Include the images and feelings of both in your visualization.

Love and Blessings,

PS – The best visualization tool (imho) is running a huge promotion right now.  It ends tonight.  If you want to really step up your visualization for manifesting, go check it out here before midnight.

PPS – Law of Attraction wants to bring you together with the fulfillment of your desire.  This helps.  Go get it here.

Attract Money



"Winning the Inner Game of Money"


Simple fact: You can attract more money than you are currently attracting.  But not if you keep doing everything the way you have been doing it.  Same actions, same thought patterns, same results.

Date: Tuesday, November 23rd

Time: 6pm PST and 6pm EST.


Good News: You can learn to start winning the game of money this Tuesday night for free. (That is VERY good news!)

If you're fast enough to reserve your seat in the encore, John will teach you . ..

  • How to OBLITERATE subconscious blocks that have been forcing you to stay at your current level of wealth and success, no matter hard you've tried to fight against them . . .
  • And will show you his secret formula (that's worked for hundreds already) which will allow you to double or even triple your income in the next year.

The reaction to John Assaraf's amazing "Winning the Inner Game of Money" webinar was so OVERWHELMING that John's decided to do 2 more special ENCORE presentations.   This will be a replay of John's webinar but John will be interacting with you live on the webinar….

Isn't it time to break the pattern that has been getting you nowhere? I mean, wouldn't you love to start seeing the money that Abraham keeps telling us is in our vibrational escrow?

Well, this is a crazy, amazing opportunity to learn from John Assaraf (he's the guy to takes the Law of Attraction teachings and fine tunes them for wealth). And this webinar is absolutely free. But you have to make sure you get registered before it fills up.

In this webinar, John Assaraf will show you:

*    How your subconscious mind is like a
SUPERCOMPUTER . . . how past experiences and
doubts "program" your mind for a lower level of wealth
and success than you want or deserve and how to replace
the "bad software" in your mind (that was "installed years
ago when you were a kid) so that you can finally reach the
heights of your potential.

*    Why intelligence has NOTHING to do with how much
wealth and success you'll attract into your life . . . why
being "too smart" can actually hold you back . . . and how
to "take the brakes off" your subconscious idea of wealth
so you can double or even TRIPLE your income this year.

*    The "formula" your subconscious mind uses to decide
how much wealth you "should" have . . . how you got
"stuck" at a certain level of success far below your potential
and how to instantly "raise the bar" deep in your mind to
free you to finally attract the life you want.

*    Why it's not your fault if you haven't attracted everything
you want into your life yet . . . and how to use a deeper
understanding of the human brain to cause yourself to
automatically take the simple wealth and success attracting
actions that make millionaires.

And much more.

Over 50,000 people were on Thursday night's 2 webinar's and it was bursting at the seams so again they there are only a limited number of spots available for this special encore presentation.   So to avoid being disappointed, please act now to secure your spot.


All Love to You,

How to Use Mind Movies to Manifest Money


CLICK HERE To Get the FREE Money Manifesting Mind Movie

You Can Use Mind Movies to Manifest Money?

Yes, you can.

You can use Mind Movies to manifest money, a home, a car, or anything else.


  • The visual images reach deep into your creative mind.
  • The music activates your emotion.
  • The affirmations displace your negative programming.
  • Law of Attraction does the rest.

You can get the free pre-made Mind Movie for manifesting money here.

When you buy Mind Movies, you can be much more specific.  You can  combine the images, music and affirmations that specifically sing to your soul.

You can use this very powerful tool to bring yourself to a state of attracting all that you desire.

Get the free pre-made "Money" Mind Movie here.

How to Use Mind Movies for Healing


Want to know how to use Mind Movies for healing (including general well being, weight loss, physical appearance, and healing of specific conditions)?

To advance your healing (jhe), you can use the pre-made Mind Movie or make your own:

How to use the pre-made Mind Movie for Healing

Depending on when you are reading this, you can get a free pre-made Mind Movie that promotes physical and emotional well being. Simply enter your email address here and you will be able to download all 6 premade mind movies:

#1 – Health
#2 – Spirituality
#3 – Money
#4 – Friends and Family
#5 – Attracting a Man
#6 – Attracting a Woman

Get it here before it goes away.

Be sure to download the "Health" Mind Movie.

  • Before you watch it, rate yourself on a scale of 1-10 about how you feel, generally.
  • Watch the movie everyday for 21 days.  Re-rate  yourself.  I think you will find a big difference.

How to make your own Mind Movie for Healing

Once you decide to purchase Mind Movies, you can make as many movies as you like.

  • You can make one to heal a specific problem.
  • You can make one to boost your attractiveness, lose weight, or gain more muscle.
  • You can make one to give you more energy or wake up feeling better in the morning.
  • The possibilities are endless.

Once you see how the Mind Movies platform works, pick one topic about your body, and do the following exercise:

  1. Ask yourself, "What is bothering me in my body?"
  2. Ask yourself, "What is the opposite of that?"
  3. Ask yourself, "What images feel really really good to me about this?"

Then get started on your personal, customized, unique Mind Movie.

Here is an example of how this would work.

Q1 – "What is bothering me in my body?"

A1 – "My back and neck hurt."

Q2 – "What is the opposite of that?"

A2 – "I am comfortable in my body.  I can completely relax because my body feels so good and peaceful.  I also have great energy and agility.  I am strong, flexible and my body does everything I ask of it with vitality and strength."

This is the perfect jumping off point to start making your very powerful healing Mind Movie.

Q3 – "What images feel really really good to me about this?"

A3 – Find images online that offer relief as you look at them.  Find pictures of you where you are happy, fit, strong, and comfortable in your body.

Find out how all this works and get the 6 pre-made Mind Movies here.

Please note: Mind Movies is a great tool to use as you apply what you are learning from Abraham.

Food, Money, and Manifestation – Where to click first?

food-money-manifestation.jpgCLICK FOR FOOD




This is a distilled message.

I've boiled down pages of info into just a couple of key ideas.

You see, I've got colleagues who are continually producing powerful tools for all of us to find more joy in the journey.  I love sharing these with you and I totally love getting your emails saying how great each new offering is as you partake in both the free and paid versions of all these launches and promotions.

On the other hand, I know that these promotional emails can be overwhelming.

On top of that, these launches seem to come in waves.  So you may notice you don't get many of these emails from me for a while, then you get a whole bunch.

So, in an effort to give you the most value with the least words, here is my distilled message for today:

Law of Attraction and Affirmations (Start Manifesting with More Ease)

I have worked with affirmations with enormous success for many, many years.  If you want to increase the power of your affirmations, and start manifesting with the power of your word, click here.   This one is for you.

You are What You Eat – What Are You Eating?

Now what about the body temple?  Are you caring for the energy field that we know of as the physical body with love and appreciation?  What do you feed your body? 

If you want to energize, heal, and promote joyful longevity within the very personal system you call your body, click here for free access

Reach Into the Bag of Your Life Experience and Pull Out Money

You have money that you don't know you have. 

It is hiding in your life experience.  I want you to learn how to extract the money that is woven into your past journey and not only bring it forward in your life, but help others in the process.

I want you to prosper.  And I have a feeling I know a way that you can make money that you have not thought about.  Or if you did think about it, you didn't know how to get started. 

Here is what I recommend:

Find something you know about and love, maybe a hobby,  a talent, a passion.  And then what?  Teach others.  Knowledge that you take for granted is like gold to those who are seeking it.  And they will pay you to stay home, and teach them over the phone.  How do you do it?  Find out here