Depression, Gravity, and Your Energetic Spine

 I just read a statistic that 10% of women and 4% of men are taking antidepressants.

I know that for some people, this season that is intended to be joyful can harshly amplify what we call depression.  I say "what we call depression" because I don't think we're all calling the same thing "depression."

I have a different take on depression. It has to do with gravity and how it pulls all things down.  And so the antidote becomes clear.  Spirit brings all things up.  And our access to that uplifting energy is in the energetic spine.

That's a simplified version of it. (The long version is in Rooted in the Infinite.) And by the way, this approach does not conflict with any form of treatment since it is purely natural.

I’m holding out my hand this season. 

Well, my proverbial hand. 

I’m putting forward some (radically) different ways of looking at depression and offering some (energetically) different ways of dealing with it.


3 thoughts on “Depression, Gravity, and Your Energetic Spine

  1. This is a really interesting take on depression. Thanks for expressing your thoughts for us! It makes sense to me as it seems that depression are reflections of something out of balance within us. (I'm referring to the more general type of depression, not clinical or other more severe forms of depression as I don't feel that I have the proper knowledge to comment on these types of depression.) Thanks Rebbie!

  2. Hi Rebbie,
    I got your book, I'm looking at the postcards each day and I really love them. I also like this recording, it is a good one. I'm able to go through periods where the depression really goes away, I've been on/off ad medications since my early 20's.
    I'm doing tons better these days, it's still a daily struggle and "alignment" is crucial which is making great sense as I absorb your stuff..

  3. As a woman who has moved out of even states of clinical depression by way of connecting and re-connecting spiritually, I can say your approach and thinking have great merit – keep up the great work on this subject Rebbie – there are too many who are stuck with only "dulling" medications for relief from the challenges of "depression" (gravity's forces gone to extremes?). Your style of expression must be reaching many of the challenged and that is commendable. My experience says that with repetition, it does work.
    May your JOY always be as close as your own smile,

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