Do You Meditate Before you Meditate?

Rootedwebsmall_1 Seems strange, I know. 

And yet my new book, Rooted in the Infinite: The Yoga of Alignment is all about that. 

It teaches you a comprehensive system of inner alignment (you could call this a system of meditation) to use before you meditate

You can also use it before you go for an audition or before your next tennis match.   

  • It augments your talents
  • tunes you in to the greatest part of yourself
  • and opens you to insight and wisdom. 

And if you find you're having trouble settling down to meditate, here's a quick excerpt from the introduction that addresses this very common difficulty on the spiritual path:

This system is compatible with other forms of meditation and
provides a friendly form of preparation for many other types of inner work. By aligning your consciousness and bringing yourself to a state of inner harmony before focusing on your breath, mantra, movement, etc., you will find more awareness, more flow, and less resistance in the process.
The Yoga of Alignment exercises can function as an adapter between the active mental state of your day and the mind-quieting process of meditation. It can blend your states
so that you move more smoothly to and from your regular form of meditation. Many people avoid meditating because shifting from the fast pace of daily activities to the stillness and quiet of the cushion is too abrupt and jarring.
These exercises help you down-shift gently so you glide into heightened awareness in meditation, rather than crashing into your thoughts at high speed.

I'm very happy to say the book is almost ready.  And even before the book is set to ship, Id like to send you a  PDF file of the full introduction and the first chapter as a free download.  This way you can see if this material interests you.  If so, you'll be able to buy the paperback on the website .

Right now you can go there to sign up to get the free download

I'll send it to you as soon as it's ready. 

Thank you to all those who have been spreading the word to your friends.  Your continued enthusiasm in telling others about this book is a gift I treasure.  I truly appreciate your endorsement of my work. 

If you want me to send you the FREE download as soon as it's ready, click here:

Thank you!
Love and Blessings,

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