Energy Healing: Inner Alignment

Flow is the key to jhe - photo by Daniel Lamonica

Flow is the Key to jhe ---- photo by Daniel Lamonica

I just did today's jhe session, which focused on physical healing, specifically pain relief, and so I thought I'd take a moment to explain a little piece of the healing puzzle.

It helps to see yourself as a physical expression of spirit, life force, intelligent energy, whatever you want to call it.  Within that energy field that you know of as you, there are avenues of flow.  Just like we can map the flow of traffic on the highways or the flow of water through the rivers, we can map the flow of energy through your system.

This flow represents the foundation of what you usually think of as your "health." As you cultivate your inner alignment, you fortify the avenues of flow within you and nourish a joyful expression of your essence through the physical material of your body. You know it's working because it feels good.  It feels right.  You feel more like you (and only you know what that means).

To find out more about how to establish this flow through meditation, please read Rooted in the Infinite.

To find out how to receive remote Inner Alignment sessions (no matter where you live), please click here.

The cultivation of your Inner Alignment is a simple, inner process that can completely change your life.

Wishing you joyful harmonious expressiveness (jhe),

12 thoughts on “Energy Healing: Inner Alignment

  1. It seems to me that flow has a lot to do with your ability to bounce back — to avoid injuries and get past minor obstacles with flair. When I’m trying to measure flow, that’s the kind of thing I tend to look at.

  2. Our bodies are made up of energy.
    A blockage in the energy system may cause pain.
    In my self-help work I work at releasing the blocages so the energy can fkow.

    Yes Love is rhe answer. Elizabeth

  3. Is there a feeling of being present and connected, a deep curiosity, a sense of underlying joy, no matter what? That's what being in the flow means to me.

  4. Healing can be possible if we tackle the problem from our totality.

    Our totality is body- spirit- soul

    Body treatment includes things like eating good nutrious food for optimum functioning of the body. We should not forget that we are A BODY

    Spirit treatment comprises of removing energies which hamper the proper functioning of the energy body. Spirit is a collective word referring to the conscious and sub conscious mind and its network of channels circuited through out the entire body. The body has its digestive system so the spirit too has its digestive system. The body derives its nourishment from food. The spirit derives its nourishment from experiences. If a certain experience gets stuck in the spirit we get diseases such as anger, frustration, sadness, grief etc. In the body digestive system the food is digested and the waste product is deposited in the colon and bladder for disposal. If the colon does not evacuate and keeps the waste inside we can get many diseases, colon cancer being one of them. Stress in the spirit arises when an experience is stuck in one of the many channels.

    In the jhe session we heal the spirit by diffusing the stuck energies. This provides nourishment to the spirit and the effect is felt at the body too. We feel relaxed and easy.

  5. Being in the flow has been easier to feel lately because I realized that's my natural state of Being. It feels light, expansive, tactile and when I am really flowing, espcially for energy "work" I start to see colors and almost see textures or hear new sounds, it gets to the point that it's hard to talk. Imagine watching a movie like Avatar and trying to describe it to someone over the phone while trying to include all the info such as sound track, dialog, action and how all the charactors are interacting. 🙂

  6. I adhere to Nadeem's message, so true as I had expereienced all of that and more before I learned to understand the fundamentals of the natural flow of energies within my body, due to this knowledge I am able to expreess my wisdom to others in order to help them as well.
    It gives me great pleasure to be able to do this work, knowing I am sowing the seed for greater things to come further along our lives journey in order to find freedom, on saying that I believe "Go with the Flow" expounds it all, as this term relates to our everyday life in every respect and from every perspective of how we manifest our needs and desires in each moment.

  7. Flow is a continuance of energy circulating through my spiritual, emotional, mental and physical energies. When conscious and focused, energy moves through the body and can be felt by the thought being directed to specific areas. Implementing the awareness of my breath through the heart center to direct this energy enhances the flow bringing the desired results. Sending the awareness through breath for mental and emotional issues brings a calmness and inner peace. When working with healing energies the flow shifts to a tingling sensation in my palms accompanied by either heat or coolness being channeled. When my awareness is focused on spirit, body temperature changes and more sensations such as tingling and goose bumps are evident.
    Working with alignment, as practiced in Rooted In The Infinite, to Spirit generates a greater awareness around me and through my physical self. I believe having conscious thought and breath with a focused attention to spirit prior to sleep (the subconscious state) allows spirit to work through me in a higher state of awareness during sleep. Love and Gratitude to others and Spirit expressed with true conviction from the mind and heart centers (emotions) generates a tremendous amount of energy. You become what you think and you emit this energy to others. This too is flow. Love and Gratitude.

  8. When I am in my flow, I'm not thinking…I'm just doing…I'm completely present, I am joyful, I am creative and I feel purposeful and ALIVE! If I'm not there then I need to check my thoughts..think only of things in the most positive way, rest my mind and body , eat nourishing food with awareness of it's taste and texture…and GIVE THANKS for all my blessings and for the experience of life, sing a fun song and BREATHE deeply with awareness of everything that I can notice in and around me…And stretch or get physical in one way or another. Also reading a book that is really funny or deep and can shift my perspective and mood. Peace everyone!

  9. To me, flow is the feeling that everything is right in the world and when I am in the flow, I am able to do things easily, without thinking about time or other stresses. It is a real feeling of ease and lightness.
    Love and appreciation are the keys to flow for me.

  10. When I'm in the flow, I feel happy and in love with the world. My body feels light and strong, though in 'reality' I could lose a few pounds and could stand some weight training. I also find I am reaching bigger and bigger concepts about vibration at the atomic level. And I find it easier to stay out of the 'debates' people are inclined to indulge in, believing that they can change someones mind.Mostly, I'm feeling that good health is my natural state, and well being is my natural emotional attitude.

  11. Being in the flow for me is going about my day with no worries or concerns. My body, mind and spirit are in alignment and everything is just working out without having to thing about it. I know I'm not in the flow all of the time because when I'm not – it is apparent and that's the exact time I have to take the time to listen to either my body, mind or spirit and find out what I must do to bring it all in alignment again. I believe from reading all of these posts is that we all feel it a bit different and that's why we are all unique.

  12. I love your strengthening inner alignment to promote flow–especially when an energy that is erratic, imbalanced happens, it would help IMMENSELY to have that strong inner alignment to pull you back into steady energies! 🙂

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