Finding Strength and Sharing it


 In this 8 minute video (scroll down a little):

  • I'll share with you Evelyn's email to me about her new found strength
  • and show you how to inspire others with your insights (in about 3 seconds).

Also in this video, you'll get a quick lesson on:

  • how to leave your comments on this blog
  • why it's a really good idea to leave your comments on this blog
  • how to get a profound and moving free ebook right here on this blog

Love and Blessings,

Click on the picture to watch the video:

If the video does not play, please  CLICK HERE to open the video in your browser.


Download: The Truth of the Matter by Evelyn Lambert Dannen

7 thoughts on “Finding Strength and Sharing it

  1. the video is not playing. all I see is a big Q with a question mark in it. I do have Quick Time.

  2. Hi Rebbie,

    When I click on the video, it disappears. Have tried several times and the same thing happens.


  3. Same here. Yesterday, just the big Q. Today, clicked on the image and it just disappeared. I know if anyone can get this to work, you can. 🙂 Light and Love Lindy

  4. Thanks to everyone for letting me know the video is not working. I've posted an alternate page for now.

    You can watch the video at:

    Then please come back here to comment.

    Thanks for your patience with your humble pseudo-geek 😎

    Love, Rebbie

  5. Hi Rebbie,
    I have just downloaded Evalyn's Book and will read it today. Thankyou for the wonderful sessions you provide. By sharing with the world you are making the world a better place, and above all making the people you come in contact with better people also. The sharing and caring and all the LOVE comes right through to the heart and is felt by hundreds of us. Keep up the good work and I look forward to hearing from you soon. Sometimes these contacts are the only ones folk receive with the spiritual world.
    Love Lorraine in New Zealand.

  6. Thank you Lorraine! I'm so glad you feel the connection. I look forward to hearing your response to Evelyn's book.
    Love, Rebbie

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