Every Day is Mother's Day!


I can hardly remember what I had for breakfast today, but I clearly remember Captain Kangaroo telling me that "every day is Mother's Day."  I took it in at a tender age and I'm glad I did. Thank you Captain!

I'm sending love to my mother today.  She is no longer walking around on this Earth, but I know she can watch this clip with us. And I'm pretty sure she'll remember (like I do) that I always called her into the room with great excitement when the dancing bear came on the show. That was my favorite part. (As I recall, I could hardly contain my excitement – I wonder how old I was?) But I don't think my mother knew that this show taught me that everyday is Mother's Day. 

Happy Mother's Day to all you mothers out there. I am appreciating and  honoring all you do with such great love.

4 thoughts on “Every Day is Mother's Day!

  1. Thanks Reba. I also want to send my love to my mom in spirit. (and I too loved Captain Kangaroo!)
    Mom showed her love in so many ways–I remember her fresh squeezing oranges every day so we could have juice for breakfast–the thought of using frozen juice was unthinkable….I remember her always making time to listen to me, no matter how busy she was. Talking with mom was one of the most precious memories I have–she taught me to be a good listener, and always let me know she was proud of me and my accomplishments–this has echoed through the generations and I have been able to do that for my own children, because she taught me how!
    I love you Mom.

  2. Thanks for the opportunity to leave some fond memories here. My mother was a strong lady. The mother of nine, grandmother of 17 and counting, passed over when I was in my late 20's.She is always with me, even now as it has been 23 years since she's been gone. From helping my father build a steel company that provided for all of us very well, to her culinary skills. After being diagnosed with Lupus, shortly after the ninth child was born, she took the reins and even though ill, decided that information on the disease was sorely lacking as well as support for others. She helped create the Michigan chapter of the Lupus foundation. Was a great Mom despite her illness. Always lived life to the fullest on every good day she had. Her strength passed on to all of us, allowed us to see that strength of charecter isn't always measured when life is grand, but by the ways in which we learn to live through adversity. Love & Light to you my dearest Mother.

  3. Thanks Birdie, I remember the Captain. I even served him at the Jolly Roger when I was a cocktail waitress. Thanks for the memories. Love, Patti

  4. Baking treats for me and my friends….dreaming up a special Winter Wonderland birthday party for me….always finding 'that special gift' for Christmas ( from Santa, of course,)…her skipping in a circle in the living room, singing how lucky she was to have us 3 kids….always a beautiful home, fun company that came, how extra special she made holidays, the time and care she spent making me pretty dresses when I was little, and later taking me shopping every year in beautiful stores for new clothes and shoes. She made things and times in life beautiful and special–and made me feel special, too! 🙂

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