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The subject is empowerment.

Power is such a tricky word.

Your personal power might just be the most important jewel you could ever possess.  And yet so many of us lose track of our power every single day.

  • We give it away.
  • We think it means having power over others and so we shy away from it, thinking it is bad.
  • We think it makes us egotistical and so we opt for false modesty.
  • It can get so complicated and the result is we step out of our personal power and we give away our joy.

What you already know

Well, there are many great teachers who you can follow to boost your sense of empowerment.  And I will not bother trying to duplicate what they teach you.

Something you probably don't know about power

I have something else to share with you and it is at the esoteric center of your personal empowerment. And it might surprise you.

  • But once you understand the spiritual basis of freedom…
  • And once you understand the profound gift it is to give to yourself…
  • And once you know a simple way to activate it in your life…

…You will never be the same.  You can step into your power with renewed creativity every single day.

I will teach you this simple process on the phone in the next 20 minute workshop.  There is no charge for the live workshop.

Will there be a recording?

The recording will only be available in the members site for those who have bought the book Rooted in the Infinite.

Wishing you all your heart desires,

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9 thoughts on “Free Meditation Workshop: Empowerment

  1. thank you so much for the workshop today and the great work you are doing. it was short and powerful. your voice led me deep into the meditation. i could feel my inner essense with such clarity and right away felt the freedom. i meditate a lot using the ones in the book and i like the shortness of the one today which i can do more often. seems a good one to do when life gets a little hard. Again thank you for these short workshops, they are perfect.

  2. Wow! That is exactly what I needed today. I read the email for this class 7 minutes before it started and registered right away as I just felt it was important. I feel so good and lighter after listening and doing the meditation. Thank you Thank you Thank you.
    Love and Light

  3. Thank you so much for today work shop. I have to admit that I have trouble with law of attraction every day. The workshop was very helpful. the most helpful thing to me was the explanation of self empowerment as freedom. I'm eager to see how it helps me get into my vortex, and stay there so that I can pull into my life, a romance, and also moor readers for my story blog, and who knows maybe a book deal. As I said before I struggle with Law of attraction, so I really do think this work shop has helped.

  4. By cultivating the seed of inner peace you grow the plant of freedom and from freedom comes wisdom. By watching the mechanics of the plant grow, you step away from the resistance that pervades your life. A feeling of being overwhelmed can be an idicator that you are denying yourself access to peace, freedom and wisdom and therefore denying yourself access to all manner if cooperation that could be assisting you if you weren't disallowing them. As you begin to come into alignement doors will open and postitive circumstances will unfold. Once this is manaifested it will align your inner Self from the external conditions and allow you to journey to true inner peace, In parallel thought, as you open your mind, body and soul to inner alignment, manifestation of your intentions will flow to you. Once your mind awakens and you come into alignment you chase away all the ghosts that have been obstacles in life and again freedom will exhibit and wisdom will reign.
    What I found most relevant was the your vision of 'taking back power' or becoming 'empowered'. This is such an important tennant in becoming aligned. I really enjoy the lesson.

  5. Rebbie, the workshop today was perfect. I felt a great relief of tension during and after the meditation, and a sense of hopefulness as well. I have been looking for a good way to start a regular meditation practice and I believe this one today is it.

    Like so much of Abraham's material, it is simple and to the point and for that reason alone it's very powerful. What more could anyone ask for?

    More, please!


  6. Hello Rebbie and Friends !

    This workshop was powerful !
    Each and every workshop you do Rebbie is so useful !
    I love the meditations you give each time !
    You work contribues to make a big inner shift for me !
    A real one !
    (i also practice a lot of your (made of love) tools : Affirmative Contemplations, Rooted in the Infinite, Happy in the Vortex, Jhe active member)

    I also put this comment to make a wish…. 🙂
    My wish is that someday all these meditations you give in these Workshops will be on a MP3 i can buy !

    Have a great day everybody !
    Empowerment and Freedom are on their way for each of us !

    Thank You Rebbie : My Dear Abraham/Yofa Coach !
    Thank you so much….

    Marine, from France

  7. Rebbie, here's another experience since yesterday.

    A few minutes ago I did the meditation we learned in yesterday's workshop. After that, I got out The Book, opened it, and pointed. The phrase was "make space for the light to shine in.". How perfect is that when paired with "I am ready for all good to express through me"? I am ready because I am making space for the light to shine in, and as it does, all good can express through me.


  8. Rebbie, one more question….what is the link to the recording for last month's meditation owrkshop on the energetic spine?

    Thank you!

  9. @Phil De Franco: Hello Phil ! As i have the answer to your question i allow myself to tell it 😉

    You will find the wk on The Energetic Spine on the website, on the right of the site

    It is also available in the member section of the site 🙂
    (got to have the book to enter in)

    Have a light day !


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