Getting Past the Weight Loss Faucet

This is for you who have yo-yo dieted, lost and gained and who are tired of fad diets, will power, and feeling defeated.  SIgn up for updates at See you there…

I recorded this today to get you on the inside track. Have a listen:

[mc id="964" type="audio"]Getting Past the Weight Loss Faucet: The YOFA Weight Drop Workshop[/mc]

5 thoughts on “Getting Past the Weight Loss Faucet

  1. Thank you for sharing Rebbie
    Interesting listening to this. here in Kent England we are snowed in. So I am cruising the net.
    Looking forward to the process and following new visualisations.
    Would find it useful in the written and recording format. In this way can listen or print off to work with depending on work commitments.
    Clearing snow is an excellent way to get exercise we have a long drive on a hill which needs to be cleared frequently otherwise forget using the car for weeks until it melts!!!!

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