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Frontcoverbook1web Hi Friends,

Ok, it’s time to crack open the book, 101 Great Ways to Improve Your Life.  There are so many empowering resources in this book, it is really mind-boggling.  In time we’ll be looking at a number of them here and passing them through the YOFA lens.

To start out with, flip your book open to page 321. 

That’s where you’ll find my chapter. The Wholeness Process offered here can literally change your life.  And it can do it over and over again on any subject from the most “mundane” to the most “lofty.” 

In fact, when you become whole on a subject, the relative position between mundane and lofty loses its meaning.  Whole is whole.  You are completely made of what you become whole about.

So, whether you stubbed your toe and you want it to stop throbbing, or you seek spiritual enlightenment, or you want to manifest a relationship, or you need more money, by becoming whole on the subject you catapult it toward manifestation.

I hope you get a sense of how powerful this is. 

It is a key to knock-your-socks-off manifestation.  The kind that leaves you with your mouth hanging open.

If you don’t have the book yet, you can still get the outrageous bonus package when you order the book here.

I’ll be writing more about this process soon so check back here if you want to go deeper and develop more expertise with this process. 

I’ll also be offering a free workshop by phone where we’ll all do this process together.  If you want to get an announcement when that is scheduled, you can sign up for the Workshops by Phone mailing list here:

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More soon…

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