Harmonizing Desire and Ego -Today's YOFA jhe Session



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I did a YOFA jhe Session for the list today (including the free list).

Today's session focused on the harmony between desire and ego.

People use both these words in so many different ways that I hesitate to even use them here.  There is no way to know what meanings they conjure for you and since they are so loaded, they usually cause some emotion.

If you have a copy of Rooted in the Infinite handy, you can refer to chapter 12 for a full explanation of the meaning of desire and ego in the YOFA system.  For simplicity's sake, here is what I mean by these words:

Ego – the individual, focused, limited perspective, personality, and point of view of your human incarnation.

Desire – The movement of life force in you toward something that feels good to you.

Now, I know that you may have very different definitions for these words, but for now, at least you know what I'm talking about as I describe the effects of today's jhe session.

When desire and ego are out of alignment with each other and with your essence, you travel a very rocky road.  I'm sure I don't have to tell you that. 

Today's session had a beautiful quality as the 2nd and 3rd chakras tuned in to the essence of their purpose and aligned with the 3 axes (this is all explained in greater depth in the book) for a truly harmonious expression.

I expect you to feel the results of this session in a few ways:

1 – A sense of calm.  Much like the calm after a storm, when your ego and your desires move from struggle and conflict to peace and partnership, there's this feeling of prosperity. 

Your whole personality becomes:

  • brighter
  • more alert,
  • more interested
  • more enthusiastic
  • and more open to authentic interactions with others

2 – Confidence.  When the ego stops trying to prove its worthiness, your true brilliance and talent come forward and you can feel the value of your uniqueness in a way that has momentum.  It is also truly appreciative of the uniqueness in others. Your confidence is not threatened by the success of others and so you become a bright light to others.

3 – Home Runs.  You become more effective, more efficient, and more able to complete things successfully with one effort.  Things that might have taken months get done in one day.  Things that might have taken years get done in one week.  How can that be?  Your heightened alignment makes you so much clearer an efficient that you sail through things with no obstructions.

Thank you for being a part of this jhe session.

With Love,


5 thoughts on “Harmonizing Desire and Ego -Today's YOFA jhe Session

  1. Dear Rebbie,

    I just finished your book! 🙂 I haven't read or practiced the meditation exercises at the back yet, but that is next. 🙂 Three little letters with wonderful, fragrant meaning! 🙂

    jhe..Thank-you! 🙂


  2. Dear Rebbie,

    Thank you for sharing your GIFTS with me.
    Today your words gave me strenght to go on, right when I start losing faith in myself, and life stoped making any sence (in the middle of divorce).
    Thank you so much.

  3. Yep! I got lots done today. I couldn't figure out why stuff that I stared at for weeks thinking that I needed to get to them got taken care of in minutes. It was so quick and easy.
    Wowzer! Thank you SO much!!!!


  4. Hi Rebbie,

    Is a YOFA jhe session like remote Reiki? (I'm level 1 Reiki trained.) If not, how are they different? I'm also curious why you notify us after the jhe session and not before? Wouldn't they be more effective if we could find a quite, uninterrupted time to experience it? I recently joined the list and noticed the positive effects once, but the most recent one was as if nothing happened – it was a hectic day.


  5. Hi Stephen, I am not trained in Reiki so I can't answer that part of your question. The timing is a bigger answer than I can put here but I'll get to it on a later call or recording. And the results can be subtle or dramatic. Since you have experienced results before, my guess is that you are resonant with this and receptive. So this session might be working under the surface. Sometimes it takes time and a cumulative effect. Let me know how it goes…


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