Heal Yourself – How Inner Alignment Brings
Clarity and Self Esteem

yofa_self_esteem.jpgYou have all the answers. No matter what the question, the answer lives inside of you.

By bringing yourself into alignment with your essence, you get access to your own true answers to every question. You heal your own state of confusion and low self esteem.


When your mind is flooded with too many options, too many opinions, and too much information, it can be difficult to find your own truth. But by spending a little time each day cultivating your inner alignment, you can find your own answers. You can self-heal your confusion and find clarity. (I like to call this healing a state of joyful harmonious expressiveness, or "jhe.")

Once you get even a glimpse of this clarity, you feel a renewed sense of grace and dignity.


Two of the many concrete results that emerge from this powerful state of inner alignment are:

  1. Clarity in an area where you have been confused or unsure.  What a relief to feel your true knowing, like a sword cutting through the chaos, once you know your own mind, you make decisions with ease. If there has been a big unanswered question fogging your awareness, developing a state of inner alignment can help clear the fog and reveal your own true answer. With this comes greater self esteem and self confidence.
  2. Not caring what others think. The freedom that reveals itself in you when you let go of caring about the opinions of others is enormous. Inner alignment helps you find your inner tone in such a stable way that the projected opinions of others fade in your awareness. You become a pure tone that reveals the beauty of your truth.

In your relationships, this alignment makes you charismatic and influential. It also makes you physically/energetically attractive.

In your work, this alignment makes you decisive, efficient, and effective. It brings you forward as a leader.

In your body, you may feel this as uplift. If you play basketball, practice your inner alignment right before you show off your jump shot.

To begin a process of inner alignment right now, sit upright and feel a vertical beam of light passing right through your energetic spine. Close your eyes and let the simplicity of this white light set the tone of your whole being. Set a timer for 68 seconds and immerse yourself in the pure and simple glow of this light until the timer beeps. Then resume your activities and notice the instant sense of clarity, dignity, and empowerment you feel.

Begin a practice of inner alignment with the book Rooted in the Infinite.  Develop your inner alignment for spiriutal awareness, healing, financial abundance, and loving relationships with YOFA inner alignment sessions at http://AlignmentforHealing.com

11 thoughts on “Heal Yourself – How Inner Alignment Brings
Clarity and Self Esteem

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  3. I'd agree that each of us has all the answers we need inside of us and that being overwhelmed by outside input can make it harder to hear our own inner wisdom.

    I also believe though that getting in touch with our inner wisdom can make it easier to steer true to our own course, and not be overwhelmed by the input we get that may be true but is not in harmony with that own unique course. I also think it's less about "not caring what others think" and more about acknowledging what they believe but not letting your own course be affected by the beliefs of others.

    http://www.ForesightYour Ct Psychic.wordpress.com

  4. i understand this but have trouble sometimes when there is a 50/50 conflict with myself over some decision or issue in my life.. it usually centers on relationships.. since they require so much insight, patience, understanding etc.. i dont always know whats right for me or whether i am in one for the right reasons

  5. For me it has been a very long journey, but rewarding that is, to be able to acknowledge my inner-being in terms of being able to heal myself from many ills … over the last decade, …. I am amazed with the results of knowing and allowing ones inner-mind to over-ride ones outer-mind of which is determined to rule unwittingly of which, has the tendancy to take over. I now know that I am a walking example of being, one with God if you like, one with nature, one with my higher-self, one with my soul of which are, one of the same energy, in terms of knowing ones whole-self. I feel Blessed with love and light within me and around me….thank you.

  6. I never have a clue what the answer is if it's much beyond what side of the bed to get up on. I certainly don't trust myself to make wise decisions. I let others decide, mostly, and figure they know more or better, or there is some sort of higher power at work. Suffice to say, though, that every day feels somewhat scary.

  7. Thank you Rebbie. Your blog is in alignment with the lessons I have been continuously learning over the years. I learned a long time ago not to worry about what others think. Confusion always gets in the way of clarity, however, I am getting better at aligning myself with love and then getting past the confusion. I appreciate and welcome your views posted in the blogs.
    peace & hugs,

  8. You know what this was just what I needed. I feel so out of wack right now and this just hit me at just the right moment. Thank you

  9. I work with female teen athletes and their mothers. And one huge issue is clarity and self esteem. This will be a fantastic simple exercise to share. As for me, I will use it as I go through the day.

  10. According to Abraham (www.abraham-hicks.com) 68 seconds of pure thought is enough to launch a completely new manifestation. In this case, the new creation is a state of joyful harmonious expressiveness (jhe).
    With Love and Appreciation,

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