Heal Yourself: How to Be Your Own Healer


jhe.gifThis may sound crazy, but the first step toward becoming your own healer is to throw out the whole notion of "healing." 

I know this sounds extreme, illogical, and impractical.  But I can show you why it is the most effective way to advance your healing.



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Punching Through the Bag

I've heard Kung Fu masters teaching their students how to punch the punching bag.  They do not tell them to hit the bag.  They tell them to hit through the bag.  When you aim at the bag, your punch has limited power.  When you aim past the bag, you summon tremendous power (and you make a loud noise when your glove meets the bag).

Same thing here. When you focus on healing, you are aiming at the bag.  You are focused on the problem.  How do you aim past the bag in healing?  You focus on the desired result which is joyful harmonious expressiveness.  I like to call this "jhe" (pronounced jee).  Planting the seed of jhe in your imagination, brings forward images of you:

  • doing the things you love doing
  • laughing with the people you love
  • enjoying nature
  • feeling really really good in your body
  • looking fantastic
  • being happy and generous and purposeful
  • you can add many more things to this list

These images generate the feeling that promotes healing. And when you think about, talk about, and aim for jhe, you are moving in the direction of joy.  When you think about, talk about, and aim for healing, you have mixed the problem into your aim and you've made it very hard to hit your target.

As Easy as Changing One Word

Can you really begin to heal yourself by simply replacing the word "healing" with the word "jhe"?

Yes.  You can.  Sprinkle the word jhe (or enjoy the long form, joyful harmonious expressiveness) into your conversations with yourself.  For example:

  1. When you wake up in the morning, say to yourself, "I devote all my actions today to promoting jhe."
  2. As you eat lunch, check in with yourself by asking, "How can I experience more jhe this afternoon?"
  3. Before you go to sleep at night, give thanks for any moments when you experienced jhe in that day.

Only you know what is jhe for you.  Basically, when jhe is flowing, you feel good. When jhe is flowing, even if there is pain in your body, you feel better than you felt before because the pain no longer rules your emotional state.  You have taken your power back. You feel more like you when you are in the flow of jhe.

Even a child can do this simple effective healing practice. I wish you great jhe in all your endeavors.

You can find out more about how to cultivate joyful harmoinious expressiveness at http://AlignmentforHealing.com

8 thoughts on “Heal Yourself: How to Be Your Own Healer

  1. Aloha Rebbie,

    I recently had a bad urinary track infection. This is when we pee fire and have a very hard time doing that. I was up every hour all night long and had only about a table spoon full of urin each time I got up. Urgent need to pee, but no luck, and when I did pee, it hurt very bad and had a lingering pain as I returned to try to go back to sleep. This is very common and there is a good way to heal yourself.

    My partner who has had this problem before learned that infections of the Urinary Track cannot live in an alkaline environment. Thus the easy way to take care of yourself with this common problem.

    Take two or three tablespoons of common Baking Soda and mix it with 4 cups of clean water. This is easy to do, and ammounts to only about a wine bottle of water to drink. I was afraid of doing it because of the pain I had at urination time. Wow! Within two hours, I was back to a normal and "pain free" full urination. I was amazed at how quickly and easily I was able to get rid of my problem. Naturally it may not be as quick or complete with every person, and perhaps I was close to being over the problem anyway, but the difference was just amazing. The very night I drank the "Baking Soda & Water" mixture, I slept all night long with no pain or need to get up every hour to pee. What a relief.

    Remember that when our grandmothers made up the "Old wives tales" they were taking care of themselves. Just give it a try when you next have a urinary track infection. It is so much better than taking expensive and damaging anti-biotics to "cure" the problem. Remember every anti-biotic that you ever take gets caught in your liver. We need to use as little of the anti-biotics as we can so that they will help us when nothing else will.

    Hope you find this helpful, it was wonderful for me and ended a week of suffering.


    Dr. Keola G.A. Downing, Ph.D.

  2. What you say will work but I don't approach a proble – any problem – from just one direction. I also make my own herbal extracts, I have studies nutrition and mind
    control, essential oils, meditation and more. I do a blitzkrieg on the problem or situation and I attack the problem from all possible sides. I heal and help others to heal and if they don't want to listen and follow my advice, I just walk away and leave them to their own devices. Life is too short to waste my time. I am also now writing a book on the BEST natural health and diet plan – it heals, it helps you lose weight, you don't get hungry while dieting and it will also help you live longer by lengthening your telomeres and not shortening them. Take care and stay healthy, Bogdan

  3. Your method is perfect. Recap: Law of resistance..what we resist we give life to and law of attraction what we give attention and emotion to we attract.

    Somehpw…it always seems easier to grasp the concepts than use them. I appreciate very much your advice on reaching for JHE in times of pain when it tends to be the hardest to do that. Your post gives both the what and how at once in an easy, fun and rememberable form. Smiles.

  4. Hi Rebbie,
    I totally agree, but also find if I am hurting or uncomfortable in any way, it also helps me to find an object to appreciate to fill my mind with something else because sometimes for me when I think jhe, I am still somewhat focused on the current situation (discomfort).
    Keep up the great ideas.

  5. Hi Rebbie.
    Wow, once again Thankyou. Inspirational idea, so simple yet so powerful 🙂

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