Master Hilarion by Hilda Charlton


In this video, you'll hear me reading an excerpt from the book The Golden Quest by Hilda Charlton, my teacher of many years ago.  Here, she tells the story of how she came to know Master Hilarion.  You can read more excerpts and buy this book at

With Love,

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PS – I now see that the book I am reading from, "The Golden Quest" may be unavailable.  You can still get the Master Hilarion segment.  Visit or to buy it online, visit the Hilda section of the YOFA Bookstore at

10 thoughts on “Master Hilarion by Hilda Charlton

  1. I love this little excerpt from the book of Hilda Charlton. I will look for it. Especially I am interested in out of body experiences.

  2. I have been on a path for several years now where i have deepened and raised my consciousness and been very aware of other levels of consciousness. I believe my work on earth is to serve the higher light and help others.
    Absolutely wondrous excerpt from the book…it lifted me and reminded me of my connection to the masters and the promise of the new world…

  3. Thank you Rebbie for this reading from The Golden Quest by Hilda. I will buy the book about Master Hilarion and possibly others that interest me.

    a student of Lee Lozowick who used to attend Hilda's classes in New York.

  4. Rebbie,

    The reading of this material is beautiful.

    I study the shift, the coming golden age, and higher levels of conciousness.

    I am very interested in the book & look forward to visit the website.

    In love & light,


  5. What a delightful surprise to hear you read the powerful words of Hilda Charlton.
    And what a precious gift you give in your reading and offering of her words.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you for making my day. You are such a contribtution!!

  6. I loved this excerpt and plan to purchase this gem. I have often gone to (Jon Fox's website where he was channeling Hilarion)I haven't seen any recent channeling by him.
    Thank you so much Rebbie for bringing this book to our attention. Edgar Cayce also predicted a pole shift and I have read most of his books. Maybe when we come back in new bodies there will be a new world with peace and love for all!

  7. Thank You Rebbie,
    I had a recent experience with Grand Mother Charlton,
    I was driving down the road and a female voice spoke to me, announced herself as Grand Mother Charlton. I have friend who's last name is Carlton, she spoke, no dear not that Carlton. I listened to her as I drove along in my car. A pep talk. Later that evening when I returned home and checked my email, one of your mails was present, from there I followed the trail to Grand Mother Charlton. I sent her message of Divine Love, to all on my contact list, for Christmas! Upon receiving this blessed gift tonight of this reading, I am feel with bliss.
    My message to you now dear sister Rebbie, your voice in this reading was so peaceful and your tones made it come alive in my consciousness. I am grateful! When you do a CD book, reading this material, I will be buying a copy or two…Blessings!

  8. Rebbie

    Your love inspired feelings of conveying this message of Master Hilarion through your beloved teacher, I truly appreciate. Thank you for this… truly truly beautiful. Loving blessings Thank You

  9. Beautiful,peaceful reading full of love and light and brings one to the awareness we so deserve. Thankyou Rebbie you have made my day and *I will certainly be contributing to my higher self.

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