Hilda Charlton's Story

When I was in high school (a very long time ago) I used to
go to Hilda’s Satsang meetings.

The energy was very high around Hilda and I remember that I
used to shake in my meditation.

I simply could not control the shaking.

Hilda was an amazing being to be around.

Well, I thought I’d point you to a little of Hilda’s message
if you’re interested.

This is an excerpt from one of her books. From reading it, it seems like a transcript
from one of her meetings.

Which brings this to mind…

Some people might wonder why in the world I call what I do “The Yoga of Alignment” when it doesn’t seem to be
anything like yoga.

Good question.

Actually it came to me in mediation many years ago – I can’t
even remember the exact context- but I know it had to do with Rooted in the Infinite. And so, “The Yoga of Alignment” became the
subtitle of the book.

Many potential publishers told me that name was no good
because the book does not seem to be about yoga.

But it really is. Just not in the way most people think of yoga.

Anyway, I bring it up here because as you read this segment
from Hilda, you’ll see where my roots are.


In the “Metaphysics of
workshop on Monday, April 21, we’ll be talking about this excerpt
and the essence of manifestation.

If you’re in the “Results” membership, this would be a good
one to attend live.

How is what Hilda is saying related to what we’re learning
from the Abraham-Hicks teachings?

Your comments are welcome (below).

With Love and Appreciation,




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