Honoring Your Parents Tonight


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Honoring Your Ancestors

A couple of years ago, I offered a workshop called "Honor Your Ancestors, Heal Your Heart."  Some people experienced a profound healing from that process and it took us to a very sacred place easily.  Somehow, thinking of your ancestors conjures the beauty of ancient faces, the tone of eternity, and the sacred feeling of life itself.

Honoring Your Parents

This year I'm giving a workshop called "Taking a Moment to Honor Your Parents."  I notice a completely different tone hovering around the registration page for this workshop.

Our ancestors hold a silent mystery for us.  We can imagine them in accordance with our highest ideals and values. Our parents, real people to us, are another thing all together.

Some people adore their parents. Some recall pain and abuse as they ponder these very real human beings.  Not aged and tattered photographs from the old country, but living (or living memories), nagging, people who never seemed to understand them.

And that is why I'm finding that this year's workshop, focusing on honoring your parents, takes a more advanced spirit to truly embrace and find the sacred thread in this subject matter.

When you can look through the human limitations of your very real parents to the eternal flow of life through which you have emerged, well, that is an awe inspiring relationship, no matter what it looks like on the personality level.

And the benefits of honoring your parents are deep.  They touch into that flow that not only nourishes you, but nourishes them, and all the ancient faces of your unknowable line of ancestors.  This honoring creates a field of alignment within you that cannot be accessed though any other method.  Your parents hold a unique place in your energy field and that alignment is fundamental, powerful, and benefits every other aspect of your life.

Please join me for a special free teleseminar and webcast where you will have the opportunity to deeply honor your parents, no matter what story you have in your mind about them.

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11 thoughts on “Honoring Your Parents Tonight

  1. One of the best ways to be able to have harmony is to be at peace with your parents. When you take time to honor them you release many of your self diminishing behaviors and thoughts that exhibit themselves in tension, stress, and feelings of inadequacy. I am sure with Rebbie you will be able to honor your parents without giving up on all that is you. Thanks Rebbie for offering this very basic need to us.

  2. Learning to honour and respect your parents no matter what they did or did not do. Sets you free to be all that you are. This I know from experience.

  3. At this time I am taking care of my mother- a strong and wonderful woman- and so your seminar is a marvellous gift to me and to her. Thank you Rebbie.

  4. I do honor my parents. It's difficult with my Mom recently passed and still trying to move along with my Dad. He doesn't want to do much and I often feel as if I have lost both of my parents. It feels very much like being an orphan to me.
    At a loss on how to fix it, why not just honor them both and acknowledge that my dad needs time.
    Looking forward to this experience. Thanks Rebbie.

  5. My dad died this past March and my mom has been gone for about 5 years…I still call on them for guidance…especially when I can't find something…ha…
    Learning how to be in this world without both of them was certainly a challenge for me…with my mom I had preparation and cared for her before she left…my dad I had always thought he was going to be my 'last' hospice person I worked with…..he died unexpectedly…so my closure with him didn't come as I thought it would…and still know it is all perfect the way it was supposed to be.
    I have honored my ancestors and "the ancestors" and am grateful for all that has been brought forth through them…they have taught me so much.
    Honoring the ancestors is a perfect way for me to bring closure to this year, to bring clarity, helping me to release the energies more completely, welcoming what they have to offer from the other realms…helping me to be more complete. Thanks Rebbie.

  6. I deeply honor my parents strenghts, especially the brilliance of their artistic talents, but a connection based also on the pain of their unhappiness has been very hard to let go of, and holds me back.

  7. My father passed 9 1/2 years ago and my mom passed 2 1/2 years ago. They had lived with my husband and I since 1986 and were here to help me when my children were born. I am grateful there were here for me when I needed them and I was there for them when they needed me. Even though there are no major surface issues with them, I know there is still healing that needs to be done because of pain I still have with some authority figures in my life. I have had some contact with my mom since she has passed and feel more supported now than when I was growing up. She is my greatest cheerleader, which is something I had not experienced before. Thanks, Rebbie for this healing opportunity tonight.

  8. I appreciate the comments here and the program tonight. I have been doing the Ho'oponpono prayer as well as some exercises in Rebbie's book. A north american indian chief told me to always say in blessing – "All My Relations" holding my family, and ancestors in love as well as all our animal friends.
    Yes it is a challenge I find especially with my mom to not take on the drama of pain, something in me I notice definitely needs healing with this.

  9. I read somewhere that it's hard to truely appreciate your mother untill you become one and actually feel the over whelming love you have for that tiny creature you gave life to. Your own mother once felt that for you.And no matter what happens after that, if that bonding occured, it became the ground for the relationship.

  10. I hope all can Honour, but myself…NOOO, If you were raised and all you knew was hate from Childhood and violence, you would have to agree that it is prob., not possible. With my Mother passed away many years ago and a Farther that could not get rid of me quick enough after visiting him in another state some months ago.

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