Ho'oponopono: Dr. Hew Len


Click HERE for Ho'oponopono Zero Limits audio

Click HERE for Ho'oponopono Zero Limits video (Live From Maui)

When I get so many emails about something, I take notice.

Thanks to all who wrote to me about the Joe Vitale Ho’oponopono video.

I’m so glad that was meaningful for you.

In that talk he introduced you to Dr. Hew Len.

Here is another video where you can meet Dr. Len.

With Love,

8 thoughts on “Ho'oponopono: Dr. Hew Len

  1. Yes, thank you for following up with more information about this process. Dr.Hew Len seems closer to the "source" of ho'oponopono – I'm now going to look for more videos of him on-line!

  2. Thank you Rebbie! This is amazing stuff, and I'm so glad you are sharing this with us! What a beautiful man! So there really IS a way to help heal ourselves while healing others…just beautiful!

  3. Thank you for the video! I'm very interested in ho'oponopono and how great to learn about ginger snaps as another way of cleaning!

  4. Thank you a thousand times for the two videos on the Huna Blessing! I am at a crossroads in my life and the future was a blank. Given that I am a gifted healer/psychic usually with very clear vision thru my connection with the Divine this blank was like being blind. I found my focus and dreams of the future awakening within me after seeing these two videos. Since I was born in Hawaii and my mother was a hula dancer for the Royal Hawaiian School of Dance back in he 30's and 40's and I learned the history and many dances this spoke to the Dance of Life in my sacred heart and soul.

  5. Absolutely amazing. I have been using this technique for quite a while and it really works. Now, I am teachimng it to my clients and students and they love it, too. Thank you, Dr. Hew Len.

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