How do we talk about the YOFA jhe Sessions? – Time Management

I was having lunch with a high school friend. I told her a little bit about the jhe sessions.  Her first comment was,"Hmm, that seems like something people really need in this ecomomy."  I said, "Really?"  She seemed pretty sure about it.

Then I realized that I don't realy talk much about the jhe sessions

I keep it quiet. 

I communicate wiith the members but that's about it.  Suddenly I felt like I was being unserviceful by not making the effort to communicate about the jhe sessions.  What they are.  How they work. How they can help people. I've been "unshareful" (I love making up words) and I apologize.

Now I've just got to figure out how to communicate this unusual thing in a way that is serviceful and "shareful." 

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2 thoughts on “How do we talk about the YOFA jhe Sessions? – Time Management

  1. Here is an excerpt from an email I just received from someone who couldn't post to the blog. With her permission:
    "You have done a number of jhe sessions for me. And there's been many a time, as I read your post the next day describing what I might have noticed from a session, that indeed, there had been a movement or two or three, in the direction(s) your next-day blog-at-the-email-link referred to.

    "My good example of this is a sort-it-out project I have been putting off for many months. It is a project I've known could be taken care of in a day or two; I just couldn't seem to actually get started. Each time I'd try, it was as though there was a brick wall in my thinking, and after moving 2 or 3 items back and forth, I'd skip to doing something else.

    "Well, last night I "found" and pulled out the missing pieces to my project and a major portion of it will now only take me less than a half hour! Thanks Rebbie, what you are doing IS WORKING. Probably more than many of us are noticing even after you tell us about it…. Please keep on doing what you do – I am very grateful for your jhe sessions in my life.

    "To your rich success & happiness in everything –
    May your JOY always be as close as your own smile,
    Carol Harse"

  2. I inadvertently posted my comment to this session on the Masters Session but I want to share again the positive effect the jhe session had on my life without even knowing about it. Like the comment you highlighted in your short video. I made some hard choices to improve my finances when I had hither fore been scared to look at my account. I can only guess the positive effect it may have had on the global economy. I think I did a positive move in the Dow yesterday. Keep up the good work

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