How Inner Alignment Helps You Heal

Infoc2 Inner Alignment helps you heal the same way soap helps you clean.  It doesn't add anything (assuming you rinse well).  It takes stuff away. 

The healing branch of the YOFA system helps you clean up your vibration.  It rinses away your inner conflicts. Without dealing with the story or the content of your woes, it simply irons out the wrinkles they have caused in your energetic field.

The process is one of becoming whole. 

It is based on harmony. 

When the physical body resonates with your harmonious tone, you have greater access to the energy that heals.

You can explore this complete system, both its metaphysical basis and its practical application, in the new book Rooted in the Infinite: The Yoga of Alignment

It is my intention that anyone can learn this system from the book. 

Advanced meditators as well as those who have never even considered meditating before can sit side by side with this system.  You simply begin where you are.

Healing is an intensely personal journey.  This book helps you participate in your own healing from within.  It is compatible with all other forms of healing.  It gives you specific tools to amplify one part you can play in expanding your own sense of well being.

As you wash away your conflicting vibrations, you become whole.

As you become whole, you become vibrant, creative, and joyful.

You can read the introduction and first chapter of the book as an instant free download.

If you have friends who are focused on healing, please send them this link.

I'll tell you more about the other two branches of the system in my next posts.

Love and Blessings,

3 thoughts on “How Inner Alignment Helps You Heal

  1. I am unable to download a preview of your book, Rooted In Inner Alignment.' I wanted to read a little something about your book but, there's a problem with your system now. Please send me a copy of the preview. Thank you.


  2. Thankyou so much , at the time you were helping me with the session, I was able to give great comfort to a family member who has just been diagnosed with a serious illness. He was very grateful for the time I spent with him and I'm sure it is you who gave me the way to help him . Many thanks, keep doing what you are doing .

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