7 thoughts on “How to Make 2013 Miraculous (Can we do it?)

  1. Thank you for thinking of us, even though just out of your flu experience 🙂

    Looking at 'flu' the way that you suggest shows me that we are really speaking about cleaning the 'flues' because we have been not careful about detoxing or we have allowed stress to impair our body's own healing devices. I take responsibility for my health.

    I like that visualisation. Flue is not what is my current consideration, but another potential debilitator. I am going to use that visualisation to approach my body's self recovery with an affirmative outcome. Thank you.

  2. Rebbie,

    So glad you are feeling better. Thank you for the technique. Look forward to hearing more about your view of the new year. You always have new insights.

  3. Hi Rebbie ! Gracias for that powerful tool , IT WORKS ! I feel gratitude for you, my friend . Happy 2013 !!

  4. I've downloaded the "How to Make 2013 Miraculous but can not play it. What is it's format and what medas player do I need to play it?

  5. You should be able to stream it right here on this page. If you can't, try a different browser. It is an mp3 and should play on any player.

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