How to Use the Elections to Tune Yourself to Your Essence

white-house.jpgThe U.S. presidential elections give us a rare opportunity to become masterful deliberate creators.

The rivaling campaigns are loud and clear and regardless of which candidate you prefer, you can use this rare moment to polish your human instrument and tune yourself to your essence.  

YOFA Listening

This is one of the most fruitful times you will ever encounter to apply your YOFA listening practice.

Here is how you do it.

Use this when listening to those you consider friends and foes alike.  Use this when listening to yourself.

And now, use this when listening to the candidates.

  • Acknowledge that every human being has a dual nature:
    • We all have a Divine spark which provides an essential stream of pure consciousness running thorough us. This aspect is innately loving, wise, and joyful.
    • We all have the limited perspective of our human personality.  This aspect can be allowing of the flow or resistant to it.  This aspect can experience pain and suffering due to its limited understanding of its circumstances.
  • Look for, recognize, and honor the Divine aspect in everyone you encounter including yourself.
  • Have compassion for the suffering of the human aspect (when you notice it) in everyone you encounter including yourself.

When you can authentically apply this listening practice to the candidates of both sides, you add huge power to your vote for your preferred candidate.  By removing the vilification of the other candidate from your consciousness, you remove resistance from your mix.  Your vote becomes not only part of the tally, but a vibrational vote for what you truly want for this country.

With your vibrational vote, you not only influence who wins the election, but you influence the outcomes of the actions of whomever does take office toward the fulfillment of your ideals for our country.

You also tune yourself to the love, joy, and wisdom that your Divine spark is always flowing within your human instrument.

15 thoughts on “How to Use the Elections to Tune Yourself to Your Essence

  1. Thank you for this insightful and compassionate view. I get thrown off balance with the heated negativity from media and friends and this helps me tremendously with a practical application and keeps me on my spiritual path.

    Thank you, Rebbie.

  2. This is by far the most insightful tool I have ever received for making choices not only in this election, but in life. Thank You.

  3. I decided months ago that I would pray for both parties. I chose not to watch the debates because I didn't want to lose my inner peace.

    Both parties are only projecting our own shadow. What we love about one candidate we love about ourselves. What we don't like we don't like in ourselves. They are our mirrors. They all have lessons for us. The question is will we learn them.

  4. This is the light that Barack Obama carries,

    It a Divine spark which provides an essential stream of pure consciousness running thorough us. We all know it in our cellular memories. This aspect is innately loving, wise, and joyful. The time has come to be loving, wise, and joyful.
    He will lead us there.

  5. HI Rebbie!

    Thanks for reminding me of this life-giving, expanding, joyful, delibrate choice I have each moment! I truly Love You and Me and my world!

    Sylvia from Arizona

  6. Thanks Rebbie,
    I recognized very early on which candidate has the channel most open to his own source, and I think that's why many people are uncomfortable with him.They are simply not used to seeing someone who has a source center beyond just ego.They want the same old fight, devide and conquer,winner take all energy.Then if things go 'wrong' they can always blame the 'other side'.Time to be done with this light/dark stuff. Let's get on with co-operaion and co-creation with Source.

  7. Wonderful, Rebbie! Wonderful enlightened thoughts! Thank-*YOU*for taking us fully out of polarity and turning us back to our Source, the ONE…thank-you for leading us by the hand 'back where we belong!' 🙂 …These are only mere words, inadequate to express what you have done here, yet you take 'mere words' and articulate them into soul touching thoughts-beautiful flowers. 🙂

  8. Thanks for the insight. Seems as if almost everyone here gets it- I found myself feeling compassion for the "other side" and was ready to smack myself to reality. It helps if those of us who KNOW better can actually DO better in this regard. Every little bit of light will add to the whole and is that NOT what we are all seeking?
    Take care Rebbie!

  9. Wonderful! I already voted this morning, early voting, and it was the candidate that most resonated with my heart chakra. My mind kept telling me to use common sense and vote for the other candidate but in the end I voted using my heart. It was what made me feel good this morning. Law of Attraction at work. I know that I made the correct choice and that the candidate of my choice is the person that not only connects with me but that connects with the entire human race. Things are going to get better and better. You will see.
    Thanks Rebbie

  10. Thank you Rebbie! I have already voted for the candidate that shows the most light to me. I will definitely use this to uplift my own vibrations.

  11. Thank you Rebbie, for a new way to handle my thinking and feelings in the midst of this election season. My mind was made up, but now I will pray and fast about it. It's been a few hours now, since I first read your email, and as I think about your offering and the comments that it has generated, I believe I can see that the kingdom will never come to us through government, regardlless of who is President. Do we really believe generosity can be legislated? The kingdon will be ushered in by the force of the loving thought patterns you advocate. Probable the most any president can do is to hold the dark forces at bay. giving us more time to increase the vibrations that spread the light.

  12. Thank You Rebbie,
    You always shine a light into the darkest corners of our mindset with your gracious and always on point wisdom.
    I saw the light a long time ago and know if we allow ourselves to vote from Spirit and not ego the Evolution can proceed much smoother. It's time we realize that it's LIGHT and not MIGHT that's always right.


  13. the practice that you propose here, Rebbie, is indeed one we can exercise day in day out…

    what's interesting: even people who have no vote in these elections – all world citizens – can actvely choose to have their share in allowing the manifestation of divine will, i.e. the occurance of what tends to flow now as the result of something surpassing our combined wisdom.

    hmm 🙂

  14. My Earth Angel, Rebbie:
    As always you have been again a channel for answered prayer for me. I was confused as to which candidate I wanted to vote for. As I was listening to the one I was leaning towards I was confortable, but within a few moments, he started to do the very thing he said was uncalled for now: I felt disappointed, and upset because as I see it they both are such mud slingers that I am, excuse me, I was until your uplifting message on how to deal with this and other things in life, ourselves included. You brought to my attention that if I want to see it, I have to be it. It all starts with me. Thank you again.

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