Inner Alignment and Loving Relationships

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I love when people get results before they know I did a jhe session.

Javier was generous enough to let me share his story.  I decided to use it to show you how the jhe sessions bring love into your relationships (see the video above). 

Do the YOFA jhe sessions seem mysterious to you?  I made this video to start to demystify this process.  Of course you can get the bigger story in Rooted in the Infinite.

The point is this: 

As you come into alignment with your essence, you open yourself to great relationships.  You may experience a powerful shift when you realize (or deepen your realization) that the quality of your relationships has to do with your inner alignment, not the other person.  It can be a stunning awakening when you see (as did Javier) that the other person does not have to change.

There are 2 ways to establish the state of inner alignment that promotes love in relationships.

  1. Active – This you do through your own inner work.  This is a process of meditation. I call it active but you are really quite still while you do this.  The simplest way to begin is to notice the vertical axis that passes through your upright spine.  (See video above.)  Pay attention to it in meditation.  Pay attention to it while walking, sitting, running.  Pay attention to it in different moods.  This is where the inner alignment process begins.
  2. Passive – Here you open to the beneficial influence of another.  I'm sure you've felt this many times.  Someone else has an uplifting effect on you. That is the quickest way to describe the YOFA jhe Sessions .  You sign up and your name goes on the jhe list.  I include your name when I do a jhe session which supports your inner alignment.  This is the effect that Javier experienced and talked about in his email.  And since he ruled out the power of suggestion, he became very clear about the power of this method.

Here is the email message that prompted this video and this post:



 I am in awe.

 My internet was down for a couple of days and was unnable to get your emails.  Ive been having problems with my partner that I really want to overcome.  I want to fall in love with her again and be faithfull to her.

 On the 5th I woke up with a tremendous sense of endearment towards her and just couldnt help hugging and looking at her.  It was exactly what you describe in your email and if my internet was working and I would've read it before….I would've thought I brainwashed myself into it.  But no.  Im completely….100% certain it was because of the Jhe session. I hadnt signed up for your sessions and was hesitant….in fact this session was part of the freebies you give for being in the list (which I got after buying your CD which is incredible but not enough to buy into the whole jhe thing….no offense….I just didnt think it was possible).  As a result today Im subscribing to your innercircle option and ordered your book.  I cant wait to see the effect this will have in my life.

 Thank you…thank you….thank you….in advance…..and again….in super awe.




FREE jhe Sessions!

Since Javier's breakthrough came via the free jhe sessions, I thought you might want to know how you can get on the FREE jhe list.

Good news. I just restructured the free sessions.

Now you can sign up for a full year of free sessions that I do for you once per month.

You can sign up here:

I look forward to seeing your name on the jhe list.

More to come…

With Love and Appreciation,
To begin an inner alignment practice for
spiritual awareness, healing, and joyful
manifestation, work with the exercises In the
Practice Section of  "Rooted in
The Infinite."   Lots of f ree bonuses at:

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