Energy Antidote to Fear Prompted by Watching Videos of Japan's Tsunami

YOFA MeditationIn this article I will give you a simple inner alignment meditation that you can do anytime you feel anxiety, fear, or a sense of losing your emotional stability as a result of watching video footage of the tsunami in Japan.

Here we are, on the other side of the globe, and yet we are all connected and we feel major earth shifts energetically.  Some of us more than others.  But when we see the videos of the devastation… when we see cars and houses washing by and crashing into each other, all subtlety vanishes and the feeling in your gut can be hard to shake.

Why Get Yourself In Alignment Now

Your inner alignment right now is of great value to you and to your world.  Your emotional stability during this crisis can be the greatest gift you ever give yourself.   This is a rare opportunity to achieve a new level of mastery.  By taking this extremely unwanted occurrence and transmuting it into a spiritual gym, you get a powerful workout and build your spiritual muscle in a way that can lift you to a new level of inner stability and freedom.

This stability will serve you through the rest of your life, for sure.  But it also does more.  You become a point of stability for others.  As their energy fields are thrashing about, sloshing about, and reeling from the tidal wave images, you become a place of high ground that assists them in finding their own stability.  Not necessarily through your words or direct guidance, but from your mere presence.

How to Find Your Stability

Once you have seen the images of the tsunami, even if you stop watching them, the images can repeat themselves in your mind and each time they do, they can have the effect of uprooting you energetically.  If these images persist, you can feel a combination of powerlessness, fear, and dread.

One antidote to this feeling of overwhelming anxiety is to establish a more stable inner root.  By doing this you do not erase the images but you become more stable and more able to deal with the world you are now living in.

The following inner alignment meditation is designed to fortify your energetic rootedness so that you maintain your emotional stability through this crisis.

Inner Alignment Meditation

  • Sit upright and close your eyes.
  • Sense a vertical column of light running right through your spine.  Imagine this column of light to have the density of a wooden pole, like a broom stick.  Imagine that this pole of light is made of peaceful glowing energy and it is sitting right at the center of your body.
  • Now follow the bottom of this pole down into the earth and notice that it continues straight through to the center of the earth.  Its profound essence of peace sets the tone for the entire planet and it extends its peaceful glowing essence into every cell of your body.
  • Notice that this stream of glowing peace is 100% pure and cannot be shaken by physical matter.  It remains a pure light of peace regardless of the movements of the earth, or the waters, or your body.
  • And both you and the great Mother Earth have direct access to this stream of glowing peace essence at all times and in all places.
  • Take as long as you like to come into greater and greater awareness of this stream and return to it whenever you feel the need or desire.

This stream is always vital, vibrant, powerful and available.  With continued practice, your awareness of it will become more reliable and more useful in all aspects of your life.

This Y-axis meditation is based on the YOFA system of Inner Alignment meditation.  I teach this system of meditation in the book Rooted in the Infinite.

6 thoughts on “Energy Antidote to Fear Prompted by Watching Videos of Japan's Tsunami

  1. This is always a great help. And your reminder came to me at the perfect moment today. Big thank you!!!


  2. thankYou,
    this is a great reminder of what we can do to help ourselves and others.
    I am very grateful that my son is here in Montreal for a month holiday from his studies in Japan. What great timing that was.
    thanks, Micheline

  3. Your timing is always perfect! Thank you for sharing your visualizations- they really help during such an uncertain time.

  4. Thank-you, Dear Rebbie, for a lovely meditation! As always, what you say grows a whole blooming garden!

    {{HUGS!}} and Blessings 🙂
    Mollie in MI

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