Law of Attraction and Erasing Chronic Pain


The process of erasing chronic, severe pain is simpler than you might think. Click the play button if you are interested in dissolving, erasing, and waving bye-bye to your pain.  The real question is, "What do you want to say, 'Yes!' to?"  Law of Attraction is on your side.  In this recording I talk about how to use Law of Attraction to find ease, freedom and joy in your low back, knees, and other joints.

4 thoughts on “Law of Attraction and Erasing Chronic Pain

  1. Developing our 'YES' breaking the pattern by envisioning Healthy new Images of ourselves being pain free and Healthy !
    Pain is a great distraction.,. Different degrees of pain have different levels of Distraction. It is very difficult to Imagine anything with extreme Pain but it is possible,
    This concept of Envisioning ourselves doing activities that have become very difficult or even impossible would certainly work.. As you certainly Know,
    {since L. O.A. is your Expertise' and focus}
    With all Law of Attraction, envisioning works as long as we can 'feel it', see it, and Know it as if it is Real and Actually in Place.
    Possibly, Creating a Break in Pattern would be more easily attained in a group. With mutual support, people might share some of the things they used to do and support one another in the Envisioning doing those activities and movements they did before.
    One group member might take the hand of another and say, "Lets imagine your favorite wooded path where you used to walk your Dog {Rufus},, we can see the pine Needles and feel how we are striding along smiling at the beauty, PAIN FREE' and grinning as Rufus bites on a Pine cone."
    As an alternate idea, in an effort to break pattern, it might be a stronger distancing by envisioning a New Place or new Activity.,?
    Possibly with remembering an Old Walking place could possibly hold an old pattern in place,, so Imagining a new Pristine place or activity might have stronger Pattern-Breaking efficacy. ?
    We might can look through a Magazine and view new places and activities to carry our Vision to that image,.
    Just a Thought.,
    I have found that the accumulated energy and Intention in a Group boosts the power and frequency of an Image or Thought……….

  2. Hi Johnny, Great suggestions! Be sure to join the Facebook group:

    It's not a "taking each other by the hand" kind of thing, but it is a place to connect. I used to give live workshops but haven't for quite a while now. It is a wonderful thing that happens when a group consciously engages with Law of Attraction together.

  3. That's great Gopi! This also happens with the YOFA jhe Sessions. Entering the field of jhe creates a shift in the body and emotions. Wonderful that you're feeling it!

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