Law of Attraction and Inner Alignment – In a funk at work




I've gotten so many requests to teach more about the inner alignment process I describe in Rooted in the Infinite. . .

. . . and I've gotten so many questions about manifesting and working with Law of Attraction. . .

. . . that I decided to put these two requests together in the form of screen capture videos.

If you have not read Rooted in the Infinite, these videos will still make sense to you.

In fact, you will get a certain degree of inner alignment just from watching them.  But to get the full meaning, and the full benefit from these videos, the book is highly recommended.

These videos are not just information.  Watching in a contemplative/meditative state augments your inner alignment and can bring all the benefits that go along with that:

  • heightened spiritual awareness
  • healing (“joyful harmonious expressiveness” or “jhe”)
  • joyful manifestation of the heart’s desires (finances, relationships, etc.)

With Love and Appreciation,
To begin an inner alignment practice
for Spiritual awareness, healing, and joyful
manifestation, work with the exercises In the
Practice Section of  "Rooted in The

17 thoughts on “Law of Attraction and Inner Alignment – In a funk at work

  1. Hi Rebbie –thanks, I needed this today. I had a funky day and I kept trying to change my energy…finally stopping, shedding a few tears of overwhelmness helped and breathing…and then welcoming happiness back again. Thanks for the info.
    Working on simplifying my life, with the help of Abraham …hope to see you soon.
    with a smile,

  2. So true, so wise, and so applicable. I love relating problem solving to the chakras, and seeing it makes it more real. Thanks, Mary Ann

  3. Lovely videos, Rebbie. I have read your book, but a while ago. These videos say a lot very simply. Thank you for the quick jhe meditation.

  4. The second video was deeply useful. To see the pattern outside of one's self and to align vertically to have an anchored and clear place of departure to attract what one wants was lovely.


  5. Some of us have only a slow speed dial-up connection and to load even a short video takes over an hour. Audeos are'nt much faster so it's all lost on me. Is it too much extra work to put up a written transcript as well?
    Many thanks, Mary

  6. I loved the videos. I was wondering how you created them. What software did you use? Lol I know it isn't a question related to the video but I loved your presentation.

  7. Dear Rebbie
    I'm a great fan and have recommended your book to many. The video is such a great teaching tool for those of us who actually practise what's in the book- so thanks for your continuing thought and care for us students. Rooted in the Infinite is built into my morning routine and the video enriches it.
    Love and thanks

  8. Dear Rebbie,

    I really enjoy these videos you create =)
    The way that you describe inner allignment
    is very calming and centering…as well as
    understandable to even the most skeptible
    types of people. My inner skeptic is
    convinced that I can learn from you.

    All in all, I am deeply moved by your
    contributions and determinations to
    help people as you so naturally do.

    Thanks so much,


  9. Hi Rebbie

    I found the video interesting but then I understood most of what you were saying had I been a novice to your teaching I would have become lost. I think explaining more clearly what the y axis represents along with a bit more on the how of clearing would have been very helpful. Thank you so much for your videos and podcast. Much Love Sheila

  10. Hi Rebbie,

    thanks a lot for this 2 videos. For me they were very helpful, it`s so much more impressing and clearer to SEE beside the explanation one can listen, just by optical example, how "this is working"!

    Helps to set the focus on the y-axis at first in case its "too crowdy" in the z-axis, and then from centered consciousness in y-axis to style an aligned z-axis!!

    regards from germany

  11. Hi Rebbie

    I really loved the simple and natural style used in the video and particularly the 'page turning' aspect of the presentation. That worked for me. In the first video I felt able to absorb the information and understanding easily. I don't know if I tuned out then because in the second one I just became confused by the amount of Z axes. I had gotten the idea that there was only one (Vid 1) and then I saw lots and while I was puzzling that out I lost the thread. I do love the way your voice works with it all too.

    Thanks for the great and inspiring work, I have been finding my central axis in traffic jams today and really find it 'pulls' me back to now.

    Love and Light


  12. Hi Rebbie,

    Of course I checked out the blog because I've been in a funk, mine having to do with a communication problem that's been happening with myself and my spouse.
    I very much liked the feeling I got when I re-focused my attention back to Y and will conciously practice keeping my focus on the center.
    Possibly it will help with effective communication?!
    Thank you, and blessings. Sue

  13. Hi Love your site and all the emails. Don`t always get them read right away but save them in a folder till I do . Your videos were instructive but as I learn by relating examples would like to see/hear something that I could draw on when I`m in stressful situations Thanks a million Sharon

  14. Thank you for this information. I found it helpful almost immediately. I believe I understand how to apply this method and look forward to trying it tomorrow.

  15. The second video was not clear to me at all.
    i am having a bad day today and i dont understant how to align myself so that it turns up to be a good day.
    Maybe i missed your point… 🙁

  16. Hi Rebbie,

    I really appreciated your video. I read your book & loved it — however have not gone back to re-read (and re-read)which was my intention when going through it the first time. Your video has let me know that I remembered more than I thought …however I'm now inspired to make it a priority over the next weeks.

    I always feel stronger & clearer when reading and/or viewing your book & videos — sometimes even your e-mails! You have a gift & I thank you for sharing …and continuing to teach and offer your insights to those of us still learning! Many blessings to you Rebbie, Holly

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