Learning About Law of Attraction from Cary Grant


Dig deep into this 7 minute audio training (above) and you can change your life.  

In this episode of "Quick Tips for Manifesting Your Heart's Desire: Bite Sized Applications of Law of Attraction" let's draw a powerful lesson on Law of Attraction from the comedians on the Ed Sullivan Show as they do impressions of Cary Grant.

(Scroll down for videos.)

5 thoughts on “Learning About Law of Attraction from Cary Grant

  1. I heard what you said however, I could not hear the other clips. James Cagney video played with no sound. The YouTube one would not play at all. I guess my vibe is really out of whack. Had to leave who I thought was the love of my life after and hearing his true intentions. 4 years total,2 1/2 was long distance and he brought me to CA. 1 year and 2 months later, it's over forever. Never expected this, however, he will never be able to take advantage if me again…I didn't even like his moustache. Take care Debbie and thanks for the link.

  2. Hello Rebbie
    Thank you for that wonderful insight. It took me a few listenings to the audio to understand how it relates to my life..

  3. Interesting twist on our energy and vibration Rebbie. I love Cary Grant, and James Cagney so it was fun to watch the clips.

    I relate it to not following my inner being, or allowing my true essence to guide me while I allow someone or some situation to alter the truth of who I am.

    Either way it is ultimately still up to me as to which interpretation I wish to flow with……

    I just had someone tell me what I don't do correctly from their perspective….the impersonating impersonator who was not in flow with anything else but trying to get their flow more active.

    I love them just the same maybe even more and myself as well for the doing of it. A smile and a blink and a passing over to inner harmony.

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