Love Your Challenges
Quick Tips for Manifesting Your Heart's Desire: Bite Sized Applications of Law of Attraction – Episode #2


YOFA podcast Love Your ChallengesIn this episode of  "Quick Tips for Manifesting Your Heart's Desire: Bite Sized Applications of Law of Attraction" Rebbie gives  you a simple technique for loving your challenges.  It’s easy to feel down when you’re challenged in your body, mind or emotions. . . or when your relationships or finances are not going the way you intended.

But those rough times can actually be the starting point of magnificent manifestations.  It begins with loving your challenges.  Listen in. . .

episode 2

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Post your insights about this podcast as a comment below and you could win free admission to the next monthly Law of Attraction Results teleseminar and webcast. Tell us why or how you are loving your challenges and affirm your joy regardless of circumstances.  


10 thoughts on “Love Your Challenges
Quick Tips for Manifesting Your Heart's Desire: Bite Sized Applications of Law of Attraction – Episode #2

  1. Dear Rebbie,

    Wow! I never thought of loving your challeges quite like that. I used the line I enjoy a challege if it was something I really wanted to such a skiing when I was younger. But I never really realized that I can really Love my challeges even the one's I don't like to do. What a great insight. I never quite put the two together before. I'll apply these thoughts to the current situations that I'm facing at this time.

    Thank you,

  2. Yesterday many challenges were thrown into my path, and I had a moment of self-pity and a friend reminded me that every challenge has two sides, like anything in life, and I could become a victim or accept the challenge as a means to higher understanding. Today I received the podcast "Love your Challenges"; it was the confirmation that I need to set the message of love in my challenges. Thank You.

  3. Many thanks for this free audio. Yes, love the challenge, pain, conflict = great tip thanks! I especially like the idea of craddling the "thing" we have a problem with like an upset baby / child and rocking it and soothing it. Wonderful! Best, Michele

  4. Great! Thank you, I really liked the image of holding your problem in your arms like a baby and just love it! I will do that!

  5. Rebbie, thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart for your soothing wisdom. I love how what I need comes to me at the right time. Many challenges have piled up all at once for me lately and you have provided very practical advice.

  6. Hi, Rebbie
    I goofed and posted my comments under the JHE session – so will re-enter them here!
    This was just what I needed to hear today – I have been dealing with a physical challenge that has had me feeling frustrated. I was reminded of Abraham's teachings about not pushing against unwanted things and this helped me see that in a new way. After listening and doing the exercise, I am feeling much relief and in a much better vibrational state – Thank You!

  7. Oh my goodness, this was exactly what I needed to hear today. A challenge has come up in the last week that I was allowing to throw me into despair. This podcast was perfect. It's now on my ipod and I'll listen to it periodically throughout the day.

  8. I attract just what I need in the moment; thank you for being a wise teacher. Your voice and words are so comforting. Thank you for sharing your inspiration with us.

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