Lovingly Laughing (at myself)

Frontcoverbook1web_4 Every once in a while I bare my soul at a workshop. 

Well, not really my soul.  More like my ego.

No, it's not exactly that either. 

It usually happens when I'm going through a rough stretch physically or emotionally.  I sit there before the beautiful faces of my workshop attendees and I think, If they really knew what goes on in me, they'd never come to my workshops

Then, in an act of impassioned integrity, I proceed to tell them all my crazy problems….. Just in case they want to know.

Last night's workshop in NY was one of these.  Fortunately, the wonderful folks who come to my workshops seem to put up with my explosions of un-asked-for honesty with kindness.  (In fact, thank you to those who sent me emails today about how much you got from last night's workshop!)

We actually had a few good laughs.

My point is this:  Sometimes it's just good to laugh at yourself.  And if you can get an audience while you're doing it, so much the better. 

I encourage you to catch yourself in a moment when you might judge yourself.  See what it would take to turn this into a comedy routine. 

Laugh at yourself with Love.  It's fun.

And if you want a really good example of how to do this, turn to page 170 of your bright red copy of 101 Great Ways to Improve Your Life.  There you'll find Laura Lallone's chapter called "Just Like Chicken" and I think you'll get the idea loud and clear.  She'll have you laughing out loud as you come to a place of greater self-appreciation and acceptance.  I recommend it.

If you haven't ordered the book yet, you can still get the book plus all the amazingly-unbelievable-outrageous free bonuses by clicking here:


Until we meet again…

Lovingly Laughing,


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4 thoughts on “Lovingly Laughing (at myself)

  1. First I want to let you know I will not be able to attend the phone conference, maybe another time.

    Then I want to share with you that I fully understand what you said about sometimes sharing about yourself at a workshop. I ran coping skills groups and others in a psyche substance hospital for many years, and I found that when a group was really struggling with a topic, if I shared something of my own personal experience, it would open up a whole new sharing. Many times the doctor's would ask what my secret was, and I would tell them, but they were so trained to keep things on a non-personal level, so many times they would put people in my group when they were having difficulty opening up. Many times someone in the group would say, I wish that I could be as strong and healthy as you are. My reply was at any given time I could be where you are, but today "I am coping", I would always get a sigh of relief, because running workshops or groups , you are sometimes struggling with the subject more at the moment than the students. Thank you for all your sharing, I really appreciate you and your teachings and am grateful to have met you. There is a lot more to this computer than people realize, So many good things.. Blessings, Gale

  2. I found your post really interesting and it has really improved my knowledge on the matter. You’ve assisted my understanding on what is usually a hard to tackle subject. Thank you!

  3. What can I say about your writing but “wow” – you really know your subject and put your points across well. I can’t wait for your next post. I’ve found a guy who is good to read too will pass the details on when I find them.

  4. Thanks for sharing your thoughts in that last post. You have a talent for making a hard subject clear to others. I enjoy reading the posts from a guy who has the same flair for explaining things.

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