Meditation and Intelligence

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By quieting the mind and bringing it to a state of wholeness, the mind reveals its deep intelligence.

Spiritual culture often depicts the mind as the bad guy.  We often recognize the mind as the source of our disconnection and the instrument that scatters and shatters our sense of well-being.  In meditation, we move toward a quiet and disengaged mind.  The Yoga Sutras tell us right upfront that our mission is to "unthink."  Swami Satchidananda translates verse two of Patanjali's Yoga Sutras this way:  "The restraint of the modifications of the mind-stuff is Yoga."

And yet, we think as naturally as we breathe.  We think incessantly.  So, how do we go from automatic thinking to no thinking? 

It helps to have a ramp.  It helps to have a system that allows the mind to think, and yet, by its thinking, it leads to no thinking. Or more integrated thinking.  Or more "whole" thinking.

Rather than screeching on the brakes and crashing into your thoughts at high speed, it helps to have a way to gradually and naturally decelerate your thoughts so that you glide into higher states of awareness in mediation.

By approaching the mind in a nonresistant mood, we immediately dissolve one of its biggest obstacles.  In fact, it is the mind that has decided that the mind is a problem!

Here are three steps you can take to begin the process of preparation for mediation. With this approach, you achieve greater wisdom and more precise intelligence.  As you honor your mind and treat it with love and respect, it reveals its true brilliance.

Step One

Recognize that you are your world.  The Upanishads urge us to recognize all beings in the self and the self in all beings.  Contemplate this notion as you interact with your neighbors and your family.   Take on this challenge as you read the newspaper or when you consider your political leaders.  This practice dissolves blame.  Blame feeds the conflicted mind.  The less the mind has to blame, the more peaceful the mind becomes.  As the mind becomes an instrument of peace, so does your world.

Step Two

Speak your truth.  This is not to be confused with reporting about conditions.  Just because something terrible may have happened, it is not necessarily your truth to speak about it.  Your truth can be found in words that feel like nectar as they flow from your lips.  They soothe a difficult situation. They uplift you and others.  You can recognize their truth because everyone within earshot feels better from having heard them.  These are words of truth.

Step Three

Know when to keep silent.  If speaking something that seems to be your truth will cause harm or injury to yourself or another, that is the time to remain quiet.  Step two (speak your truth) does not command you to go around telling everyone everything you don't like about them.  Knowing when to hold your tongue (and enjoying the deliberate silence) is a cause and an effect of wisdom.

By approaching the mind with honor, friendship, and respect, we bring its chaotic and conflicted waves of activity into a harmonious and beneficial hum.  I like to call this song of the mind "meditative intelligence."

I guide you, step by step in this direction, in Rooted in the Infinite: The Yoga of Alignment.  Download the beginning of the book for free here:

15 thoughts on “Meditation and Intelligence

  1. The audio is working very well, clear and loud. I liked the article a lot.

    Sometimes it can be hard to remember all of the fine words of wisdom I've recieved lately. I had been noting recently how good practice can be like cooking; In the sense that you can sometimes turn around and realize you haven't had a meal in ages that you used to cook every week. What I took from what you were saying there, is that simply staying open to receive can help this. So whilst you may not be eating that old favorite of yours, it's worth remembering how good the food is in front of you.

  2. Very nice! I know you must be great in guided meditations. Your voice is lovely. I really enjoyed these comments about the mind and meditation. I'm enjoying your book. I can tell a difference, and I haven't even had a chance to really focus on putting any of it into practice yet. I'm still in the process of just reading it. Thank you.

  3. The audio section works perfectly.
    The comments in the blog are really commonsense – but it is great to see them written out to wake the mind.

  4. Greetings Rebbie,
    Your three steps for acquiring meditative intelligence are superb. I will practice your prescription about how to take each one of them.
    Keep telling us "how" to get there.

  5. Hi Rebbie,
    Down here in australia, the system works OK.Your voice is marvellously expressive and quite perfect for the purpose.

  6. Sound came through beautifully .. often these downloads come through in stops and starts for me,so it was lovely to just listen to your beautiful voice crystal clear and uniterrupted!
    Thank You
    Jillian from Australia

  7. the blog is so uplifting; i like looking at your face and listening to your soothing voice; it does not come in very clear to me; it stops and goes and the sound is too low; i have a new Mac laptop and i find it hard to download certain things.
    reading and working with the book; your concepts are powerful; the axis make a lot of sense; i find myself sitting straighter and walking straighter due to the alignment…
    thank you for being you
    in peace, light and healing
    please note my new email addres

  8. Thank you Rebbie for all the energy and love that you give so graciously. I feel it and have an energy that is so uplifting in so many ways. thanks, Gale

  9. I feel lighter/more energy and at the same time I have a pain in my spine that feels like its out of place. It in the middle of my back around T8-10. The wonderful thing is that i really feel the spot, who knows what will happen as the week goes on..
    thank you Joan

  10. Hi Rebbie, this is the experience I had during the experiment.
    I felt light, very light and happy during that week. I still do!!!
    The things I usualy get very upset about, did not bother me as much as before. I felt aligned with my Innerself.
    I am very grateful to you for this gift…


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