Mind Movies and Affirmation Tips


How effective are your Mind Movies?  Are your affirmations working?  Click the play button above to listen to this very quick tip to power up your affirmations for manifestation.

Most important – make sure your words feel good to you as you see them., speak them, hear them, and feel them.  Your word has power.

4 thoughts on “Mind Movies and Affirmation Tips

  1. While running last night…
    Visualizing my self a healthier me, a size 10 me, a me finishing a 5K run without stopping…
    "I will be healthy"
    "I am healthier"
    "I will make it to the corner"
    "I will reach my true weight goal"
    "I am awesome, awesome, awesome"

    I've lost 71 pounds since August with a great diet and exercise. I started running in November. I've been doing motivational movies in my head the entire 6 months. Envisioning me at Size 10 instead of Size 22. I am now in 12's and 14's… woo hoo… YAY ME! 🙂

    I rarely comment Rebbie, but I want you to know I read your posts… Blessings!

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