My Roots: Hilda Charlton

I've talked to you about Hilda on many occasions. This is the first time I've found some video to share with you.  Hilda was my teacher when I was a teenager.  Even in this little clip, I think you'll see very clearly how strong her influence was on me and how it remains a big part of me to this day.

I hope you enjoy spending a few moments with my teacher, Hilda Charlton.

With Love,

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12 thoughts on “My Roots: Hilda Charlton

  1. Thank you for sharing this video! I have heard much about this powerful woman from you and others. It was such a blessing to witness her in action! We are indeed blessed to have her energy remain with us in her work.

  2. Rebbie:

    It is indeed a small world! I had heard of Hilda, but did not realize that she was affiliated with Rabbi Gelberman. I am also an Interfaith Minister, and the founder of my seminary (One Spirit Interfaith Seminary) studied with Rabbi Gelberman at New Seminary, became a Dean and then went on to start OSIS in 2001. We are all connected, more than we realize! Thank you for sharing Hilda's beautiful presence and teaching. It's so clear that you are continuing on her work in a wonderful way.

    With love,

    Sandra Winter

  3. Wow, Rebbie, this brings back so many memories. Hilda was such a powerful and wonderful contribution to our lives. Thanks for sharing this. xoxo


  5. Rebbie, thank you for sharing this video. Your a lucky woman to have had her in your young life. To have your spirit shaped by someone so remarkable and powerful is a blessing.

    Peace and Love, Joan

  6. Thank you, thank you. That was beautiful to watch. I spent 8 yrs. going to Hilda talks in NYC with my wife and children plus Skanda pujas at the Hindu
    Temple in Queens once every month and countless weekends at the Land,
    her retreat in the Catskills. This video captures the essence of what she was like and how she touched us every day and still is with us guiding and protecting us. She left behind many healers and teachers who continue her work here every day. Not a day goes by when I do not think of her and thank my luck stars that I knew her. She touched us all so deeply. What an incredible
    saint she was and still is. Bless you Hilda. And thank you Rebe.
    And it was Rabbi Gelberman who married my wife and myself 29 yrs. ago.
    Love and Peace to all. Namaste,

  7. Thank you so much for this amazing video. I can still feel the heat in my chest from the meditation – awesome and powerful!

    peace and joy,

  8. Amazing moment in meditation for me too. I visualized some horrors I wish to be stopped, like animal abuse and the horrid manor humans are treating such innocent creatures all around the world, then visualized how so many people and organizations whom ARE fighting for animal welfare and saving them from awful situations and conditions, and then saw all the changes happening to stop the poor treatement of animals, and I felt literally 'lifted' out of my chair almost.. confirmation good enough for me! My prayers ARE answered. Thank you for sharing this vid.. Blessings abound! AMEN !

  9. Rebbie,
    It has been so long since I've heard her voice, or seen her animated presence. Thank you for sharing this. I spent many good times with Hilda and her followers, traveling from 50 miles north of the city to be with her when I could, at different apartments, the gymnasium at St. John's , the church, and at her apartment. I moved to Colorado in 1977, and never regained the depth of connectedness I felt in her divine presence. This video is such a blessing for me.
    I wish you all of life's goodness. Claire

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