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Thank you all for the very enlightening feedback on the
podcasting question. You guys are

I love the span of comments.

One person got me to LOL.

He told me in an email that he’s still trying to turn the
dial on his push button phone… no podcasts for him I guess!

And then on the other end of the spectrum, some of you have
offered me plugins and marketing advice. Very cool!

I am truly grateful for all of it. I won’t be answering each entry or email but please know that I
appreciate every single comment.

And I can see that this technology is certainly not for
everyone yet.

So I decided to do something I’ve never done before.

  • Since it will take me a while to master even the most basic
    podcasting skills…
  • and since many of you are not into it anyway…
  • and since I’m pretty excited about this new little project
    of mine (which I’ll talk about further down in this post – look for the flower)…
  • and since (this one is a BIGGY) I have a way of collecting
    unfinished projects on my computer…
  • and since it’s possible that this new project will become
    one of those unfinished ones and you’ll never get to hear it…

…here’s what I’ve decided to do:

I set up a very primitive webpage where you can get a little
hint of what it’s all about and a free download.

You can see it here:

Also, for a short time (until Tuesday, April 15th) I’m
offering the recordings I’ve made so far.

This is all very rough and so the price is very low. If you guys like it, I’ll put it on my list
of things to polish up and I’ll eventually turn it into something a bit more
presentable (and podcastable).

So this is probably the only chance you’ll get to buy these
recordings “in the rough.”

(Be sure to tell your friends before I take the page down.)

I’ll also be able to gauge where this goes on my
hard-drive-clean-up list of unfinished projects. If lots of you buy the rough version and like it, I’ll move it up
on the list. If not, that will be
valuable information for me, too. So I
figure it’s a win-win.

In any case, I hope you’ll listen to the free sample recording here:

this all about?

I’m definitely getting clearer about this new material –
actually it’s old material but with a whole new purpose.

may have read some of my articles on spirituality and Law of Attraction in phenomeNEWS over the
past 7 years, but here's something that you might not know about me.

I often go into a different level of access when these articles are coming
through. Not always, but most of the time. I tap into something and it leads me to write something that I had no
idea I was going to write.

I know this for a few reasons, which I'll maybe share with you another time.


Anyway, I realized that that access to inspiration can be contagious.

so, when I read them, these things I used to call articles can possibly become

they might even be able to form a vortex through which you, listening to them,
can tap into your own state of inspiration.

At least I think that's true. I hope you'll tell me once you listen to them.

Is this of any interest to you?

Would you have a use for this type of material?

Please let me know what you think by listening here:

now, I’m calling this “Narrative Meditation.”

like an oxymoron.

well, give it a try and let me know if you think I should keep recording these

comments on this blog will help direct my next step with this.


Love and Appreciation,



the f ree eCourse "7 Secrets for Manifesting

Heart's Desire" – You'll get the first lesson



17 thoughts on “Narrative Meditation

  1. I just listened to your free download, and thought it was quite wonderful. I have an iPod hanging out of my ears almost all waking hours that i am not at my work desk … and when I am at work, I'm still listening to podcasts via my computer. Podcasts rock. It seems to me that you also rock. Sounds like a perfect relationship to me!!!

  2. Hi Rebbie, I have just listned to your free download and found it very relaxing and positive. When meditating on what you are discussing, I am filled with love and peace for all things created. I would like your permission to distribute this free download freely from my website. If Robert Mugabe could have been brainwashed with it, Zimbabwe would have been the most wonderfull country on this plannet. Keep on distributing this type of material freely, the more people who can concentrate on these things the sooner our lovely home, earth can effect change in all humanity.
    Love and peace to you

  3. Hi Rebbie,
    just listened the first recorded article. I really think it's inspiring. Saw your articles in PhenomeNews and I am very impressed. For what I read until now I think your ideas are very close to mine – thanks for putting them in words…
    With love,

  4. Hi Rebbie,

    Yes, please continue with the narrative meditations. I found "Peace on Earth" to be inspiring, both while listening and after. I love it! The NM would serve as an enhancement to all that you do. Your expertise in this field is phenominal, & has become an integral part of my spiritual quest.
    in love and light,

  5. Hi Rebbie,

    I don't know what an URL is so don't know whether you will receive this. Also diving for bed so can't write too much.

    But…always take your message as given by a caring sister (never had one myself). As a Reiki practitioner who thinks always of moving energies from head to toe, or from beyond head to toe, found your drawing peace from earth up very transformational–a new resource: feeling with the feet. It worked instantly. It hit exactly the right note. I walk differently, with new sustenance and joy, and a new hitch I've been feeling in my right knee the last two weeks has vanished. Walking is becoming a new sustaining pleasure, almost a new way to eat.

    Enough for now.

    Thank you.


  6. Hello Rebbie I am very touched by your words and our work.I have your I am love CD and I practiced the seven secrets phenomenal.. I understand what you mean when you say your writings sometimes come from somewhere else I feel this when I read them they have such clarity and resonance. Anyway back to th recordings, this is what I felt. I sa w myelf as a barefoot goddess listening with my feet pressed to the ground as the message from the earth traveled through my body. The feeling of connection was the silent song I received the earth was singing in me and through me. The joy that came from the peace I felt lifted me. Inner peace gives us a sensation of floating. I, my being was a vapour of love and kindness floating about me and transending itself and from me is an outpouring of unconditional love. My inner awareness knows that from every step I take in connection with the earth signifies unconditional love and peace on earth. I received your words and was left knowing that I need to bring this knowingness from my unconscious mind to my conscious world. I my sharing this helps. yes I woul listen to podcasts and yes I do thing it is a worthwhile path for you to follow. with much love and appreciation Sheila x

  7. just listened to the free download and thank you abundantly. Felt such a sense of oneness afterward. Please continue with this work and I feel it is a worthwhile path to follow, however, only you know this in your heart.
    Love and Blessings,

  8. Hi Rebbie, yes, I think that this is something you should continue to work on. We forget that "peace" is something that is accessible to us at all times. This is a reminder that "peace" can be drawn on at any time and that we were always intended to be a part of that "piece" of a much bigger picture.

  9. My Dearest Rebbie,

    It is with deepest graditude, and Love for you that I write this. After listening to the meditation I felt a new sacredness about me and our planet. I am filled with Love and am vibrating at a new level. Even though you never want me to give you credit, I must for you are the bridge that brings me home! I feel our connection deeply and hope to meet with you one day!
    Much Love, Sylvia

  10. Rebbie,
    I just listened to Peace on Earth. Your premise is incorrect however your conclusions are right on target.

    The earth is a violent place; full of conflict, turbulence, change, pain, and sorrow, but the result of all this conflict is peace and beauty. All that is beautiful, awe inspiring, and remarkable in nature came from conflict; from the highest mountain range to the largest canyons all are the result of conflict and violence. Even the act of birth is a violent event. However, the results arising from all that conflict and violence are what matters. Every truly peaceful human being throughout history was influenced by and is a product of conflict and violence: from Christ to Gandhi to Mandela. The earth is again involved in a global struggle between peace and freedom and those who wish to take that away through violence and conflict. I believe that after this struggle is won, the earth will be an even more beautiful and peaceful place.

    It is conflict and crisis that create true peace and beauty. I will relate my humble experience to illustrate the point. Last summer, within the span of six days, I lost my job of almost 18 years and my marriage of 19 years. I basically lost my identity in less than a week. However, today, I am stronger spiritually and physically than I have ever been in my life. If there had not been this sudden violent and radical change in my life, I would not be here commenting on Peace on Earth in this blog. I have more inner peace now than I have ever had in my life. With that peace has come strength, for it is through peace that we actually gain strength. This is where your conclusions are correct, but I disagree on how we get there.

    I can see from the replies this is something that many people can relate to and find inspiring, so I think you should continue this project. However we get there, it is the collective consciousness of peace and love that should be the end result of our journey in this life.


    PS Lose the music.

  11. Namaste Rebbie,
    Like another of your fans, I'm not sure what URL means! Not as "techie" as I'd like to be.

    Loved the "Peace on Earth" meditation, thank you so much. Just what I needed to hear right now as my being is in a bit of a flux.

    It's quite late here in Australia, and my bed is calling. Will write more when I'm more awake. Keep up with all the great work that you're doing & thank you for being an Earth Angel.

    Gratitude & Love,

  12. The lead in music and your voice set such a peaceful tone. This I like very much. Yet the subject matter for whatever reason didn't resonant with me. I just could not relate. Peaceful, walking meditation I understand so maybe it was your explanation of it that I couldn't wrap my brain around.
    Do know that I look forward to other recordings you may give. I have often listened to your podcasts and enjoy them very much. I download them into my mp3 and listen to them while doing my work. It keeps me company. 🙂

  13. Rebbie,

    Once I heard the PeaceOnEarth, I understood the hoopla – truly a spectacular piece Rebbie! KUDOS! Blessings without end Rebbie, keep it coming! You had my spirit soaring and singing!

    We make our earth in our spirit's thinking and thoughts – too bad the reminder of our world of violence missed that….

    If I only have one foot, will it work the same for me (kidding – LOL! I know it works in my spirit)

    Thanks for all.

  14. I listened to "Peace on Earth" — it was very soothing. Maybe the approach is too even-tempered for the development of ideas that are sometimes at odds with each other. Without the "but" and "it sometimes seems" it would be easier to take it all in. Or if you really want to persuade and convince, maybe you could take that part out of the meditation and put it into a more lively format.

  15. This is so lovely–it must be listened to more than once, as there's a lot in it. Contemplative thoughts, ones you would like to write down, to think about afterwards. 🙂
    Feedback on time? Yes, once a week would be great, if that fits in your schedule!

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