New Year's Resolutions: The Missing Piece

People make New Years resolutions.  Some people call them goals.  Some call them intentions.  But most of us make them.  We can’t help ourselves.  We are so profoundly drawn to the clean slate.  We so dearly want another chance to succeed. We love the idea of having our past failures wiped clean off the surface and starting anew. We love getting a glimpse of a reality where it looks like we can actually  win.  We simply love all that.  I mean, who wouldn't?

But if you've had the same New Year's resolution year after year and you barely get past January, maybe March, before it’s forgotten or cluttered with feelings of failure again, then it can be difficult to get excited about that clean slate.  We stop believing in it.

The Missing Piece of the Puzzle for Success

But what if you could know deep down that this time it could work.  What if you could believe with utter conviction that you can succeed this time?  How eager and encouraged would you feel?  How much  time would you put into getting clear about your intention?

People who succeed do not all have the same plan or the same strategies or the same action steps.  They didn't all go to the same school or study with the same guru.  But they all reach a point where they have a vision and a knowing and an unwavering trust that this is going to happen for them.

You may have all the education, the strategies, the action  plans, but if you do not find yourself in a place of knowing your success, right down to the core of you, then you are missing the most important piece.

Find Your Inner Knowing

When you know your truth, the truth of your success in whatever area you want it, you do not get stopped by the conditions that seem to be in your way.  You stay on the path, you modify the path, you trust the journey and you keep going.

Oh, and by the way, when you can envision yourself living the reality you desire, you are  well on your way.  Let the power of your imagination guide your actions.

Take conditions out of the equation and ask yourself, “What would it take for me to know I could succeed this time?”  Ponder this. Find your inner knowing of your success.  Then watch your actions take flight.

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