Learning About Law of Attraction from Cary Grant


Dig deep into this 7 minute audio training (above) and you can change your life.  

In this episode of "Quick Tips for Manifesting Your Heart's Desire: Bite Sized Applications of Law of Attraction" let's draw a powerful lesson on Law of Attraction from the comedians on the Ed Sullivan Show as they do impressions of Cary Grant.

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Law of Attraction in Daily Life: 3 Ways to Deal with Negative People and Stay Uplifted

Dealing with negative people: This seems to be one of the biggest challenges for those who are working with Law of Attraction.

After all, It’s a whole unique skill you’re developing: to mind your vibration.  It really is a practice.  You’re busy paying attention to your inner guidance and you keep modulating your vibration to bring yourself into greater and greater joy.  Or maybe to simply bring yourself up from despair or upset.

Either way, you’re working on it, right?

And maybe you’re chugging along, feeling better, little by little, and then boom.  You encounter someone who is giving their full attention to something not wanted.  They are really in it and they’re looking for a response from you.

That’s When the Gears Grind

They are doing exactly the opposite of what you are working on.


You feel yourself tense up.  Your mind starts spinning.  You don’t want to judge, and you’ve learned not to try to “help” when they are not asking for it.  Usually when you try to help someone who is not asking for help, by overlaying your perspective, they tend to feel judged.   It can feel to them like you perceive them as needing to be “fixed” and like you are trying to change them.

This is a subtle point, but often your authentically good intentions can end up backfiring. You can actually become a new problem for that person to complain about!   Has this ever happened to you?

So there you are, not knowing what to say or do.  You don’t want to stay in the conversation of their negative focus, but you don't want to leave because this person matters to you…You freeze —  like a deer in the headlights.

What to Do?

Here are 3 things you can do, right at that moment.  They are all based on you taking 100% responsibility for your experience.  And so they all carry you further toward your empowerment, freedom, and enbrightenment

1 – If you decide to leave the conversation, you can do it this way:   

Express your love for them and your compassion for what they are going through.  Tell them that you don’t want to add to the problem so you’re going to go do something you’ve learned that can help in situations like this. (Here you are offering help but you are doing it yourself.  You are not trying to “change” them – you are not implying that they are broken and need to be fixed – so you run no risk of being perceived as a problem.)  Remove yourself from the energy of the upset.  Sit for a few minutes and write about, or visualize, that person as he or she wants to be.  See them, describe them, and create the mental template of them in their joy, power, and full resolution of their problem.

By doing this, you offer a strong vibration that they can resonate with.  As they do, consciously or unconsciously, they begin shifting their point of attraction.  They begin manifesting the solution to their problem.  This is a way that you can be of true service while also cultivating your own joy and connection to your inner guidance.

2 – If you decide to stay in the conversation, you can do it this way:  

With each negative spewing you encounter, notice your reaction. Feel where the tensing is in your body and deliberately relax it.  Take a moment to honor the Divine spark in that person.  Do whatever it takes to have compassion for the humanity in that person.  Take a moment to comprehend that their negativity is evidence of their pain and be an energetic font of relief and comfort for this person.  Yes, even if they are being negative toward you.  Even if they are blaming you for something!  At the very least you will transform yourself and your point of attraction so that you are less likely to encounter these moods in others.  Beyond that, you can be doing a great service for the other person as you silently, lovingly, energetically help them out of there conundrum through the invisible power of your compassion.

3 – Whether you stay or go, you can also do this:  

Ho'oponopono is a Hawaiian form of healing that you can call upon in this situation.      In a nutshell, as you encounter this negativity in the other person, you take 100% responsibility for the presence of their pain in your consciousness.  (Pause here and take a moment to really get that!)  You recognize their problem as yours because they are experiencing this upset in the space of your awareness.

Then you offer these words to the Divine:

"I love you.  I’m sorry . Please forgive me.  Thank you."

Repeat this as a mantra.  This simple yet profound practice sends a gentle, harmonious vibration from you to your world.  It cleans your energy field and opens the space for the good you desire.

Find the Gift in It

Other people’s negativity is always an opportunity for you to work on yourself.  Your encounter with it gives you a glimpse into a region of your own being where there is conflict.  When you accept the offering and work with it, you shift yourself into a new realm of empowered living.  So, the next time you find yourself tensing up in response to someone’s negative focus, find the gift in it.  Use any or all of these three approaches.  There’s an old expression: The situation is the guru.  This is a great opportunity for transformation.

Visualize Your Relationship and Manifest

People often ask me how visualization can work for attracting a relationship, since it involves another person.  They understand how manifestation works in general, but it seems like too big a leap to think Law of Attraction will interfere in someone else's life on their behalf.

And they are right!

Law of Attraction won't interfere in someone else's life.  It does something much better.   It orchestrates things so that you find the person you are seeking —- the one who is also seeking you.  Law of Attraction is working for you AND him or her.  So both intentions are fulfilled by your meeting.

Of course, Law of Attraction is responding to your vibration – so the clearer you get about the relationship you desire, the more accurate will be your manifestation.

One of the best tools I've found for this process is MInd Movies and they even offer Free pre-made Mind Movies that you can use instantly.  Good stuff!

When you're visualizing, either with your eyes closed, or with the help of Mind Movies, be sure to find the good feeling you want from that relationship.  Remember, Law of Attraction is not responding to your words but to your vibration.  And you can tell how you're vibrating by the way your feel.

You are the Missing Piece of the Puzzle…


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Well, isn’t it obvious? With all that in place, the more swiftly and accurately you will arrive at the fulfillment of your desires.

I have such a clear vision of your empowerment and your fulfillment that I want to show you how you can do this for yourself. I want to share with you some of the simple practices that work when you do them regularly.

But here’s my dilemma. There are many ways to approach this. And I know that some will work better for some people and others will resonate more with other people.

So where do I begin?

That’s where you come in.

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Law of Attraction Q & A


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I woke up and decided to do a quick webcast.  So with no notice at all, I sent out a short email and asked for questions.  Here is 33 minutes of questions answered about Law of Attraction.  On this webcast, we got into some of the "hard to reach places" in the process of joyful manifestation.  Do you have questions that were not covered here?  Let me know in the comments below.

Follow the Arrow to Prosperity

Which way do you go to find the prosperity you seek?  What actions do you take?  These are the questions that lead most people away from prosperity.  "Away?"  Yes, away.  The reason is simple.  People are asking their feet to follow a direction via action.  But the first steps must be taken from your chair.  Feet still.  No action.  The arrow to follow toward prosperity is a direction of your mind.

Let's back up for a minute.  When you are invested in fruitful action, how do you decide which arrow to follow?  You ask your mind.  And where does your mind get its information from?  A mixture of what it learns from the world and what it feels from your ego.

Not a great combination.  Action will probably be tedious, not fruitful.

When you prepare your mind first, when you tune your mind to what is wanted, something completely different happens.  Once your mind is prepped for success, when you ask your mind which arrow to follow, you get a new answer.  Where does this answer come from?  A combination of inspiration and guidance from broader perspective.

Now that is a formula for success.  And by success, I mean joyful manifestation.

And by the way, prosperity is not just about money, it is about all the good, joyful manifestations that make your life fulfilling.

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A Different Path to the Apple

Hungry people cannot eat a picture of food.  The image of food will not do it for them.  The mere thought of food will not sustain them.  They need the real manifested food to nourish the real manifested body.  In fact, people with any kind of need will not be satisfied with a virtual version of the thing they need.  When we want or need something, we tend to reject anything that falls short of the real manifestation.

The physical probelm wants a physical solution and nothing else will do.  And yet the opposite is true.

Wait. What?

The opposite is not only true, it is typically a more fulfilling path to the apple, or the relationship, or the financial security, or anything else.  Just like a physical person has a nonphysical, mental, emotional, and spiritual life, every physical problem has a metaphysical aspect.

And the metaphysical approach to any problem strengthens the template for the solution so that the physical reality can form itself around that pattern and manifest the solution.. the physical solution.

Nourished by Spirit

At its extreme, we find the story of Saint Therese Neumann, about whom Paramahansa Yogananda, in Autobiography of a Yogi, says, "From 1923 onward, Therese has abstained completely from food and drink, except for the daily swallowing of one small consecrated wafer."

This demonstration of the metaphysical fulfillment of what we would consider to be a physical, physiological need of the body, reveals the unseen bridge between the seen and the unseen, the physical and the nonphysical, and the problem and the solution.

Sometimes, through a spiritual and metaphysical route, the fulfillment bypasses the physical.  The nourishment comes without the bother of food, as with Saint Therese.  In other instances, the spiritual and metaphysical route leads to the food itself.  It all has to do with the complex chemistry of the desire that births the ultimate fulfillment.  It would appear that Saint Therese's desire was not for food, so the manifestation went directly to the sustenance.

There is a foundation beneath every desire.  And often a foundation beneath every foundation of every desire.  And once we find the level of the desire that calls to us most strongly at our current state of evolution, we can advance on the spiritual and metaphysical journey that not only leads to that fulfillment, but the journey itself becomes a form of fulfillment.

This Path is Always Available

So, the next time you find yourself wanting something, needing something, or feeling challenged about something, consider approaching it from a metaphysical standpoint.  It is this indirect strategy that can bring you the most satisfying fulfillment, solution, and manifestation.

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New Year's Resolutions: The Missing Piece

People make New Years resolutions.  Some people call them goals.  Some call them intentions.  But most of us make them.  We can’t help ourselves.  We are so profoundly drawn to the clean slate.  We so dearly want another chance to succeed. We love the idea of having our past failures wiped clean off the surface and starting anew. We love getting a glimpse of a reality where it looks like we can actually  win.  We simply love all that.  I mean, who wouldn't?

But if you've had the same New Year's resolution year after year and you barely get past January, maybe March, before it’s forgotten or cluttered with feelings of failure again, then it can be difficult to get excited about that clean slate.  We stop believing in it.

The Missing Piece of the Puzzle for Success

But what if you could know deep down that this time it could work.  What if you could believe with utter conviction that you can succeed this time?  How eager and encouraged would you feel?  How much  time would you put into getting clear about your intention?

People who succeed do not all have the same plan or the same strategies or the same action steps.  They didn't all go to the same school or study with the same guru.  But they all reach a point where they have a vision and a knowing and an unwavering trust that this is going to happen for them.

You may have all the education, the strategies, the action  plans, but if you do not find yourself in a place of knowing your success, right down to the core of you, then you are missing the most important piece.

Find Your Inner Knowing

When you know your truth, the truth of your success in whatever area you want it, you do not get stopped by the conditions that seem to be in your way.  You stay on the path, you modify the path, you trust the journey and you keep going.

Oh, and by the way, when you can envision yourself living the reality you desire, you are  well on your way.  Let the power of your imagination guide your actions.

Take conditions out of the equation and ask yourself, “What would it take for me to know I could succeed this time?”  Ponder this. Find your inner knowing of your success.  Then watch your actions take flight.