Prosperity: Napoleon Hill talks about his meeting with Andrew Carnegie



I want you to prosper spiritually, financially and in your relationships.

I want you to prosper regardless of the state of the economy or the messages blasting from the media.

Listen to this blog post here:

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 Both the economy and the media’s reporting of the economy are in the category of things already manifested. I like to call these things “already baked bread.” 

I want to support you in continually tweaking the recipe of your vibration so that the economic reality that you are baking up right now is abundant, bright, and satisfying to you.

So I have decided to create a series of posts here on the blog that are designed to inspire you. They consist of carefully selected videos, quotes, and suggested material for your ongoing and expanding prosperity regardless of conditions.

I will also be sprinkling in the role of your inner alignment in this exploration.

Please check back frequently and be sure to add your comments. Let me know what rings your bells and what you want to see more of here.

And now for the practical part.
How will you actually make money? How will you receive from Infinite Abundance?

The initial step is to bring yourself into alignment with your knowing, trusting, and accepting of the principle of abundance.

After you listen to Napoleon Hill’s message in the video posted above, please consider these 2 questions:

How do I currently, most authentically, take possession of my own mind?

How can I more fully bring myself into alignment with my knowing of Infinite Supply?

Now here is a very quick recap of Napoleon Hill’s recommendations:

  1. Get a notebook.
  2. Write your major desire in life (your idea of success)
  3. Write what you intend to give in return (and start giving)
  4. Memorize both statements
  5. Repeat them at least a dozen times daily
  6. End with this statement:
I ask not, oh Divine Providence, for more riches, but more wisdom with which to accept and use wisely the riches I received at birth in the form of the power to control and direct my mind to whatever ends I desire. – Napoloen Hill

Go to  to get a free download of Napoleon Hill’s classic book Think and Grow Rich as an ebook. I’m not sure how long this will be available so please get it while it’s there.

Knowing your true nature as prosperous,

14 thoughts on “Prosperity: Napoleon Hill talks about his meeting with Andrew Carnegie

  1. Thanks for the Napoleon Hill video. I had previously downloaded his book and started reading it, but forgot about it.

    I try to take position of my own mind by not listening too much to the media! I think that all the negative news and reporting is not doing anything positive to improve our economy–it is only reinforcing a scarcity vibration.

    I believe that our country has prospered for so many years of its short existence because of the visionaries who founded it. Our country has been seen as the new frontier and the beacon of freedom and prosperity since its exception. Now we are getting away from that kind of thinking…

  2. Hey Rebbie,

    This is completely awesome! I love this Napoleon Hill video and have been studying his book TAGR (written up to and during the Great Depression) and some audio books of his on the laws of success and really it's amazing how he tapped into the Law of Attraction and other Universal laws way back in the 20's and 30's and came across as practical and un-witch doctor/new agey like as possible.
    Jerry Hicks often references Hill's book as a huge influence on him and noted that earlier versions of Think and Grow Rich had the word "vibration" omitted from the text. (so as not to freak people out) But there are new and revised editions that have restored the original text and it's cool stuff.
    Anyway, thanks for posting these. It's true that this illusion we live in can totally be what ever we want it to be, by focusing our thoughts and managing our feeling vibrations.
    I think this time is a huge time of opportunity for finacial abundance. Hill said that more millionaires were made during the Depression than at any other time in History. And here we are again!! The Economy is Expanding, and changing, going through some growth spurts. It's a great time to think Big!

  3. This message couldn't have come at a better time for me. It's amazing how when we need it most, we forget the most important truths in life. Thank you for taking time to share these most inspirational words from one of the greatest thinkers of our time…at the most perfect time. I feel like receiving this today was a small miracle and reminder of how much God has His hand on my life- always giving me what I need (though, not always what I want). In this case..your message. May you be blessed as you are blessing others.

  4. Dear Rebbie,
    Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU! I so needed to hear this and connect with like minds.

    With Infinie Love and Gratitude,

  5. Rebbie,
    One of the things I appreciate about you is you bring in so many ideas and mingle them together to be a whole. Napoleon Hill has been one of my favorites for inspiration for a while. I use his inspiration to help me with my life prosperity, that means as a woman and a mother, and includes finances, but not limited to finances.

    I am like Celeste in that I keep negative media out of my life. And my life is just as full now as it was two years ago and ten years ago.

    I am redoing my spiritual life, and see that as I do this my whole life is growing in leap and bounds.
    And you are my catalyst for this growth.

  6. Thanks for your generosity in providing consistently good information that is both practical and expansive in nature. The humble prayer offered by Napoleon Hill is a simple heartfelt encouragement, as well as his thoughtful presentaiton.

  7. As one who has always been on the 'leading edge'of the economic downturn, I have done my share of sending off rockets of desire to pull the financial abundence that seems to have gotten frozen at the top amoug the worlds richest people,and investment banks, down into the lower income folks who will immediately get the wealth back into circulation just getting caught up with the things we need to repair, replace,and have the trash hauled away.I think what we are seeing is an economy that simply despretly needed to reballance it's self. I do not believe that most of the worlds wealthy gained their wealth thru the law of attraction, or they wouldn't be so afraid of letting go of it.Right now, they're doing the equivelent of hiding it in the mattress.[a Swiss Mattress, no doubt, but a mattress never the less]. I see a much more abundent mindset in the low income people who help each other out, even when they have very little. Think what we could do if the financial resources could actually reach us, with no strings attatched, and then have the negative stereo-types and judgments that have fallowed and clouded over us dissapated like fog on the sunny morning.My measure of success is how happy I am and how the 'unseen' world always responds to me. It doesn't seem to quite comprehend tho about the need for money, rather than 'stuff'to pay the basic bills…

  8. Rebbie,
    You are an awesome person and a blessing to everyone who gets your emails. Your gifts of uplifting inspiration and wishing all of us prosperity given so freely and with such love leaves me speechless. I want to be more like you. And I am on the path to that end.

    You are so blessed and such a blessing

  9. Just what I needed to hear especially after my boss is telling us that he is more concerned about the raise he is going to get and about his promotion. He has said nothing about our raises. I am really trying hard to focus more on abundance than scarcity. It is difficult when all around me are people that are focusing on scarcity. If I can control my thoughts and expectations about scarcity, then I can focus more on thoughts and expectations of abundance.

    Thank you Rebbie,
    Blessings of Happiness

  10. Very, VERY powerful book and video. Actually, I´ve only read the introduction and getting ready for chapter one. But, I was interrupted by an urge to go to my computer and, a lot of very powerful correspondance and phone-calls started that now got me a lot of more interesting spiritual work and a spanish-talking house-angel who will help us in our home, so I can spend time with the children and do what I´m best at. This morning I told the kids that it would be wonderful to get help in our home. And that it would be wonderful if she talked spanish, so we learn. And I also told them with a smile that I would arrange it today.. and I now got a phone call from a friend that know a wonderful woman who needs work. Anyway, Rebbie, you are a true inspiration and help us all in connecting with our inner desires. Love, Lena

  11. Ditto all of the above.
    Many years ago when i was a cynical and depressed student Psychotherapist. My teacher set me homework – not to read the press or watch the news on TV for a year.
    I did as he recommended and lo and behold, i changed back to the optimistic self of my childhood. Now with the addition of wisdom which grows year on year. Switching on the lights within.
    I witness many around me who have chosen to switch their inner lights off, many who are younger than myself. This seems to have a direct result in aging them before their time. It is painful to watch as others remain stuck in various forms of negativity, it is almost as if they feel more secure with the familiarity of bad habits rather than choosing to come out of the horror movies they have developed for themselves.
    What a blessing it is to KNOW at all times we are individually responsible for our own destiny and that to be less than the other, or what we may aspire to, is indeed part of our journey and growth.

    My favorite mantra is "I am the best i can be in this present moment" this supports me when feeling stuck or judging myself.

    Am so glad also to have discovered your website.
    Thanks Rebbie

  12. Thank you Rebbie,

    That was awesome – and sooo much better to actually hear the spoken word – than to read. It gives so much more insight and power to it. Thanks again,

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