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I thought I'd take you on a little video tour of the inside of the members' area of the Affirmative Contemplation website.

It seems funny to call something a member's site when it only costs $7 to get in.

But nevertheless, it IS a members' site and the folks who are already members may enjoy this quick tutorial, too.

After you watch this short video, you can help me out by leaving a comment on any of these subjects:

  • Did the video play smoothly on your computer?
  • Was this helpful?
  • Would you like to see the inside of some of the other YOFA members sites?
  • Do you use affirmations?
  • How long have you been meditating? (Or wanting to…)
  • Let me know if you want more of these videos…

Here it is:

(Click here to see the full screen)

2 thoughts on “quick video tour

  1. Hi Terri

    It may be that I have missed the boat on this one, but I have tried to see this page via both this blog and the link in your email, and it returns an error message "This page cannot be found". Not quite the feedback I was hoping to leave but I trust it will be useful in some way.

    Best wishes

  2. Hello Rebbie

    I have looked at the Affirmative Contemplation Website,and the quick vodeo tour.I think they are great,there is know problems with quality,and they have definitely taken me to a place of wounderous possibility.At this moment in time,I am attending the Barbara Brennan School of Healing,so,I am looking forward to a Path of amazing Transformation.Although I havn't brought any of your C.Ds yet,(I havn't got the wright credit card,I would love to by them in some other way),I will certainly do so….as I am sure they are an incredible asset to the, "Path Homewards".

    Love David

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