Scientific Prayer

Emmet Fox begins the tiny and wonderful book, The Golden Key, by stating, "Scientific Prayer will enable you, sooner or later, to get yourself, or anyone else, out of any difficulty on the face of the earth."

That, my friends, is a powerful statement!

And the conviction behind that statement houses its power.  The knowing behind that statement gives the words the ability to transfer empowerment to you, to me, and to anyone reading them.

He goes on to offer the simplest technique for training your mind to move from worry, upset, or any other negative state, to one of peace, prayer, and demonstration.

The pivotal action all happens in your mind.  That's your role in the process.  As you train your mind to move in a new and deliberate way, your energy field changes.  Your point of attraction shifts from a problematic focus to one of Divine perfection.  This allows Law of Attraction to bring to you all that is in harmony with your heart's desire.

We can, at times, get upset or frustrated when we can't see our way out of a difficult situation.  But it helps to remind yourself that that is not your job. Your job is, in a sense, the opposite.  Instead of focusing on, grappling with, and trying to solve the problem, your job is to lift off of it.  This can be a harder job!  Shifting your mind is the key.

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6 thoughts on “Scientific Prayer

  1. Dear Rebbie,
    Simplicity. I read a pdf. It had 2 pages. I saw a youtube read by someone of the whole thing. I will read and watch again, and maybe again and again and again. Thank you for sharing your path and inviting us to join, again and again and again. It's simplicity itself to align, and the Golden Key is a turning toward.

  2. The question is: "Do you believe that God loves you so much -which means desiring for you that you have no less happiness than He enjoys- that in order for you to be able to enjoy the happiness only God can have, He is willing to appear here now even as you? To the point that it is God reading this now as you, and that every time you think "I", it is actually God thinking "I" as you? That in truth as the One that is your true Being you knew beforehand that taking on the human experience -experiencing being but a human- would mean allowing Yourself to be falsely accused, made to feel guilty, and even to be killed in the sense that the human consciousness You would experience having would replace Your original Self-awareness? That You as a human would never be perfectly happy with yourself in all respects? And that as this human You would thus be critical of yourself, and be accusing yourself, finding some flaw or lack in yourself, as you would be comparing your human self to the One that is your true Being, and never feel perfectly good enough compared to It? That painful thoughts, memories and imaginations would encircle your holy head in a self feeding loop as if sharp stinging points of a wreath of thorns? That taking on a human "life" was thus more a constant dying to You, and on the whole would be like a crucifixion to You, a painful suffering in hell compared to your original happiness? That in that sense You were willing to give Yourself to your accuser, torturer, and executioner -this human You experience being- that even this your murderer would also sooner or later have your perfect delicious deep peace and joy? That as God You did this for everyone by appearing in this world as everybody? That therefore everyone has the divine right to this holy Self recognition of Who he or she really is? Do You believe that You were willing to go through all this with but the single holy purpose in mind to thus create new beings, that also they would one day come to enjoy knowing this about themselves: beyond the appearances that but seem to contradict this I am the One Who's Love is so perfectly altruistic, so perfectly charitable, that just to make others as happy as I was I am appearing in this world as each and every one of them now. As the One that is my true Being I did this for the one as whom I are reading this right now, this human which is the disguise in which I were willing to appear here now? Do you believe this?

    Believing that all that is true or not believing it is the difference between heaven and hell. Moving from not believing it to believing it is going through what has been called "purgatory." But remember that any inner struggle in accepting or rejecting this -any doubting in this matter- is the Lord's struggle in you. He decides as you, but left it up to you to decide for Him. As God You decided to leave it up to the human You would experience being whether to believe or not believe that this is true: It is God reading this now in His human disguise, even as I. It is God coming to Himself, remembering this now as I. As God I'm coming to Myself, all for the benefit of the human I'm experiencing being, as well as for my holy neighbors, my equals: God in their appearance. For that I let God think "I" as I, just a single thought, a single feeling. That it may replace my merely human self-consciousness with God's Self Knowledge. So I gently bring my attention back to it whenever my mind got distracted. And if I forgot, I will remember It is God Who forgot as I; part of the crucifixion. And that it is God thinking "I" again when I do.

    It is God thinking and feeling now as I: "I."

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