'Serving the Emerging Paradigm' – Rev Michael Beckwith

Rev. Michael Beckwith is inviting us to ask the question, "How can I serve?"

As a YOFA® exercise to support this message, please read the section of Rooted in the Infinite entitled "Karma" that begins on page 124 of the book.  Then, as you do your Inner Alignment meditations, bring the words, "How can I serve?" into your practice.

Notice the difference in quality as you flow this question along the X-axis vs. flowing it along the Z-axis.  Your insights are welcome here.

With Love and Gratitude,

For a full training in the inner meanings of these axes and how to transform all aspects of your life using the YOFA system of Inner Alignment, follow the instructions in the book Rooted in the Infinite

5 thoughts on “'Serving the Emerging Paradigm' – Rev Michael Beckwith

  1. Beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing, Rebby !! I also share on invisioning that large mirror of possibilities, that are facts, for every soul to see and enjoy in it. Blessings, Blessings, blessings.

  2. Thank-you for sharing the uplifting words. We want to believe we are doing well as humanity… How can I serve is a good starting point…

  3. Thank you for sharing Rebbie. This was a wonderful reminder and another
    confirmation that I am on the right path. The reminder of "How can I serve" is very powerful to me, and I had forgotten through daily living to bring this question to the forefront of what my choices are to see and know what my gift is and how I can live throught it. Your involving this question into the axis during meditation is also a great reminder that I must go within with meditation for my answers. Asking this question while on the axis looking at the past, I find that I have served this axis by acceptance and love. On the X axis I felt alignment but on the Z axis for the future when asking how can I serve, there was much energy love and excitement. Thanks again for being there. Light & Love.

  4. Thanks Rebbie – I like this very much – "Holding the Template"! Very important work and we're doing well – good to hear AND feel that

  5. DEAR! Rebbie- Michael Beckwith! Awesome! I got to see him @ Agape when my daughter lived in California. I will go to p 124 & ask: How can I serve?
    All ways us living
    & Laughter,
    Ms. Susan
    The Pink Flamingo Lady Of LALALand/Lower Alabama

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