Sound Vibration & Law of Attraction

Your voice vibrates into your reality.

Your voice and the words you speak vibrate into the field around you creating a pattern that Law of Attraction then responds to.

Your voice helps you manifest your desires.

Yes, the actual sound that comes from your vocal cords is part of your manifesting power.

Do you ever think of yourself as a musical instrument?

Every muscle and bone in your body contributes to the sound and vibration
of your voice.

* And your voice speaks the song of your heart.

* And your heart offers the message of your soul.

* And Law of Attraction responds to your vibration.

Sound Vibrates Potential into Reality

When the sounds, words, and songs of your voice are pure and in resonance with your inner truth, amazing things happen in your life.

You see this in the power of prayers, affirmations, mantras, chants and other deliberate use of the power of sound.

So here is the question of the day…

What reality is the tone of your voice  vibrating in you?

And what notions are your words bringing forth into manifestation in your life?

Speak and sing your reality into being with the joy and love that you desire in your life.

With love,

2 thoughts on “Sound Vibration & Law of Attraction

  1. Whatever you said is very true Rebbie.I am a singer and I sing bhajans and I can see good things manifesting in my life of late.For instance I got a grandson after 18years.A friend sends us plane tickets to go to Shirdi a holy place in India.My son becomes a CEO of his company.All this I feel is because of my singing gods praise.I sing it with joy and love.Thank you .You are gods gift to humanity.

  2. I want to attract good health, physical ability, and prosperity as I approach my twilight years.

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