Spiritual Sensitivities

hilda-new-sun200.jpg"Today children being born in the world are ushering in the New Age of God Consciousness.  They are born aware of their intuitional and spiritual nature…

"Many a person with lack of understanding will say, 'Stop your imagination!" or 'Don't lie!" and as a result, the child turns within and hides his or her true nature.  And perhaps the spiritual side of the child never opens again or because of this early scar, opens after they have suffered in the world unnecessarily, due to the hard shell of protection they created for themselves."

I pulled this quote from The New Sun by my teacher of many years ago, Hilda Charlton.

This book was written in 1989, and the children she is talking about are now moving into young adulthood.  So, if you are in your late teens or early twenties, this statement is directly for you.  And it is meant to soothe your spirit and inspire you to not only trust, but embrace your intuitive nature and your role in the evolution of human consciousness.

And if those born about 20 years ago with a deeper and broader intuition are crashing into the hardened belief systems of mass consciousness, what about those of us who may smilingly remember young adulthood but who are now watching our hair turn gray?  What about the sensitive souls who have struggled, maybe all our lives, in a world that seemed strange and unsympathetic to our sensitivities?

How did you deal with your spiritual perceptions when you were a child growing up in whatever decade you found yourself here? Did you have mentors?  Did you feel isolated?

The sensitivities of the children can humble us as adults.  These young fresh beings have access to something that we may have lost touch with long ago.

Let's love and welcome the spiritual perception in our children.  Let's revive and nourish it in ourselves.

I invite you to be the sensitive, beautiful, spiritual harbinger of the New Age that you most certainly are if you have read this far.

Happy HolyDays.

With Love,

22 thoughts on “Spiritual Sensitivities

  1. I have recognized this as happening to many in my immediate family. With good intentions but nevertheless detrrimental to our growth and ability to reach full potential. For a few of us we are reawakened. let us be careful not to continue this with our children, and their children, ad infinitum. Be very gentle with their spirits and allow them to create and soar. A toast to unstifled spirit and power.
    P.S.~ Thank you for the holiday reading. Awesome puppy.
    Seasons Greetings to you and yours!


  2. Hi Rebbie
    And a Happy Christmas to you as well.

    As I read your blog today,I can't help feel I have been cheated. I was always told I had too much imagination, and my mind was somewhere else. It killed my creativity. Today, I don't even want to give an opinion on anything unless I find the person is receptive. I'm tired of the criticizing. I'm struggling to re-open my heart and connect to Higher Source. That's all that matters.

  3. Thanks for your recognition of us sensitives! As a child I had "too much imagination" and was considered "a little nutty" by my family. I became quite withdrawn and self-protective. I am still careful to whom I speak my Truth, but I am much braver (at the age of 72) at expressing who I am.

  4. Rebbie
    Best wishes for Christmas and 2009. Keep up the good work.
    Also the same blessings for all the participants.
    This is an interesting time for everyone, we all need to
    keep our spiritual focus in the days ahead. I hope I am able to listen to my heart more and my mind less.
    Blessings to all

  5. I believe that we are all born with the gift of being sensitive and in tune with source. How that gift is nurtured or suppressed greatly influences who we become.
    I have always been told that 'I think too much' or that 'I over analyze things'. In retrospect, I think that my intuition was giving me all the information and truth that I needed. That same information was more than others wanted to hear, even if it was true, it made them uncomfortable. Not understanding where that intuition was receiving its messages, and because it was received with negativity, I didn't trust that it was real and all I needed. It is a constant struggle to find and keep that trust in my intuition and in self.
    I am learning how to nurture my inner child and also how to express my creativity in every aspect of my life.

  6. Sweet joy abides patiently within, it is always there.
    It is but a breath and a thought away. We ARE ALL GOD ALSO. 🙂

  7. Happy holidays! Rebbie, you are so spot on. It's taken me all my life to realize that my "strangeness" was my creative, unique self. Thanks to you and other teachers I can now really enjoy being who I am and not trying to fit into a square hole. I think many of the younger generation of parents is more sensitive to their children. It bodes well for the future!
    Thanks for everything Rebbie/

  8. Consciousness, Intuition, are the weels of our body-thought to take off from the Form to the Sens of our Reality, from God-Man to Man-God! The Son will become Father.

  9. As I read each response I feel a kinship with them. The lost sensitivities, the recovery, balance now,
    watching parents support their children, setting intention for those parents who seek to offer better quality to their childrens lives, life reclaimed where there was hopefully hope once.
    It is for us all to continue to dream into reality the sensitivity, quality, equity, joy, balance, abundance that is here now for us all.
    Extending gratitude for a life well provided for and for the bounty the Universe is preparing for me even now. CarrollK

  10. I think that is true of all humans but especially Lightworkers–the old ones and the new ones. I can remember hearing those words in my not too distant past. In that past you didn't want to be sensitive, if you wanted to be normal or in the "in" group. In my world, there was no human mentors-that i knew of! I always wanted to fit in; but never did. Due to wanting to belong and fit in as well as fear of the unknown, I closed off all connects to spirit.

    It is only in the last few years that my healing has increased to where I am not afraid of being myself! This healing has helped me to not worry about fitting in. I AM now at a place where i can offer unconditional love to others and Myself!

    Merry CHRISTmas & Happy Holidays to ALL!

    PS: A few important things that helped with my healing was telling myself that I Love Me and accepted Me right where I am! I reminded myself that God loves me and created me in my own uniqueness and beauty. God constantly reminds me that He will never leave me or condemn me; and I won't leave me or condemn me either. There is still times when that is needed. I often send light and love to the various parts of my consciousness as well as all the various parts of me at the various stages of my journey.

  11. I am so fortunate.When I was young, I had a wonderful, kind and brilliant uncle who was much older and so very patient and kind. He taught me the love of words, the joy of imagination, and he applauded as that imagination soared. In my marriage, I have also been fortunate in that my husband has always supported the wanderings of my creativity. Now I see the budding wings of imagination in our grandchildren, and I am filled with joy.


  12. Hello Rebbie, Thank you for the Holiday Greetings, and thank you especially for the reminder of how wonderful children really are. As a piano teacher for over 40 years, as well as an almost full-time volunteer at an elementary school for the last 12 years, I am very aware of the beautiful spirit each child brings to Earth, as well as their willingness to share it with us IF we are receptive. If we truly respect and value children, they know it instantly. The greatest gift we can give to a child is the care and respect necessary to allow their sacred sense of Self to remain as long as possible. It doesn't take much to wound their souls -harsh words, anger, criticism – these are under the control of the adults who often live with them, and sometimes teach them. We need to realize that children can be guided wisely, not harshly. They then have a chance to thrive instead of retreat. If our world is to become more civilized, it will depend on this.

  13. Thank you Rebbie for your heartfelt good wishes. Having reached my 6oth birthday a few weeks ago. I bask in the warmth of the beautiful relationship I have forged with my beautiful 19 year old daughter, and am filled with gratitude that I had the foresight and wisdom, to treat her with loving respect from the moment she was born. Rather than copying the misguided actions of my own parents and family. Though I have moved far in learning to love and accept myself, the wounds of childhood still come to visit. sometimes my heart bleeds for those children who are, even in this day and age being abused in various ways by misguided adults.
    How bitter sweet is this life we lead.

  14. Happy Holidays to you Rebbie!
    I am so Happy and grateful now that I am following my dreams and goals and All is well!

    I too, was told when I was a child that I was "different" or "crazy". Now I realize that, that is a good thing. I'd much rather BE a Rhino than a cow!

  15. I am now 60 and grew up mostly in the upper midwest where I was free to roam woods and field unattended from an early age.Nature was my main teacher and it didn't take too long for me to realize that most adults didn't know much and were not to be trusted very far.They didn't even seem to understand that creatures had 'feelings'.So if anyone tried to shame or intimidate me into complience when my inner self was refusing strongly, I wasted no time removing myself, and none questioning if there was 'something wrong with me'.I was quiet and shy, creative and resourceful, and just knew Pipi Longstocking was my inner twin.Later, as young womanhood beckoned, Rima, from Green Mansions, personafied my Inner Magical Being. My main struggle has always been,what am I doing here?The culture at large hasn't a clue so they just project onto me what they will and I either accept or reject it, like a roll they want me to play. Playing out the scripts of others has been the most difficult.But now I'm getting to better scripts because as we age, we're given more leeway to be excentric and joyful for no particular reason, so I edit the scripts. And there's nothing anybody else can do about it! We'll make astounding Grandparents and Elders.
    A wonderful, blessed holiday season to all, and let hope and good will cover the world like a blanket of new fallen snow, all pristine and sparkly.

  16. Thanks for this important topic. I, too, remember being labelled "different" as a child,because of my spiritual experiences, which I shared with friends, so I learned to hide who I was and what I really thought. Only with my mom and my Bubbie (grandma) did I show who I was–at least some.
    AND NOW I no longer hide who I am.
    Wish I could have been where I am (openly spiritual) when our daughters were young…now living in the present, enjoying each day, especially our gradson who is a very spiritual being!

  17. Louise @ 9:50 am
    Hi Rebbie
    And a Happy Christmas to you as well. As Louise stated

    You can't help feel you have been cheated and you don't even want to give an opinion on anything. Very tired of the criticizing.

  18. Thank you Rebbie for choosing this theme today.

    I feel the symbolism of the Christ Child is also a reminder that the child comes complete with all he or she needs to make their journey on earth. their easy and natural access to the realms of imagination and joy and energy are their birthright. I was fortunate enough to have my magical side nurtured by my parents, although schooling and society smothered it for a long long time. I have reverted to my connection to Sprit and thank my parents for making this path clear for me as I have done for my son. At 14 he is a powerful being: sure of his gifts and talents, beautiful in nature, well-balanced and incredibly wise to live with. How we impoverish ourselves by smothering the divine magical nature of the children of the world and rob them of the gifts they could unfold for not only their own joy and sustenance but for the betterment of the planet. I do believe that the strength of the souls now manifesting is such that repression will not be an option for them. Blessing, Peace and Joy to all.

  19. Dear Rebbie,
    I am grateful for 2008, because, amongst lots of blessings, it introduced me to you and your uplifting ideas. Wishing you a Peaceful and Regenerating 2009–you have the ability to uplift and enlighten so many people; THANK YOU! Looking forward to sharing in your wisdom. Blessings.

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