Why so many Mind Movie emails?




I know I've been sending emails and posting A LOT about mind movies.  But if  you are one of the many who are jumping on this incredible offer, you understand why. 

I am having so much fun with this (and you can too) that I want you to know about it.  And this is the time to get the best price and all the amazing bonuses. 

[mc src="http://podcast-qt.s3.amazonaws.com/alloutput.mp3"/]

In fact, speaking of bonuses, I just started using the subliminal bonus and it is amazing.

Yes, I have my very own mind movie (that I created yesterday specifically for me)  running in the background right now as I am typing this post — and  I love it!

Mind Movies are fun, powerful, and enormously useful.  And of course, they get results.

If you are studying Law of Attraction, this is probably the most fun and effective tool you'll find. 

Did you miss my 15 minute call? You can listen in by clicking the play button above.

Go to http://MindMoviesDiscount.comto see the 12 new bonuses they just added.

Here is a comment from one of the webcast participants:

I have been watching, reading , singing to and living the MindMovies show. In only 2 weeks I've manifested Free tickets on a cruise line for 3 days 2 nights for 2 to Nassua. I've been given tickets to a live play, and a dance performance, checks have arrived unexpectedly in the mailbox, my daughter and I have had the most significant conversation of our lives.  . .


There is a very good chance that they may run out of kits before this launch is scheduled to end. (It's a physical product — CDs, DVDs, etc., and the response has been much bigger than expected). I hope you get yours while it is still available.

With Love and Appreciation,

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