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Ernest Holmes, in The Science of Mind, says, "Absent and present treatments are the same, for there is no absence in the One presence.

The YOFA Inner Alignment Sessions can be called "absent treatments" or "remote treatments."  And while the notion of how a session can be so effective when we are not in the same place can seem mysterious, their purpose is simple:

The Purpose of the YOFA Remote  Inner Alignment Sessions

The purpose of the YOFA Remote Inner Alignment Sessions is to bring you into alignment with your essence so that you become a field of joyful harmonious expressiveness (jhe).

This process promotes:

  • Heightened spiritual awareness
  • Physical and emotional healing (jhe)
  • Loving relationships
  • Joyful manifestation of the desires of the true heart
  • Material abundance of things wanted

The inner alignment process is described in detail in the book Rooted in the Infinite and by practicing the exercises in the book, you can tap into the jhe that wants to express through your unique instrument,

The YOFA Inner Alignment Sessions, or YOFA jhe Sessions, amplify the benefits of your practice – OR – if you do not practice the meditations yourself, these sessions bring you these benefit passively.

Current Registration Closing

Tonight, June 1st, 2009, at midnight Eastern Time (9 pm Pacific), I am closing the registration for the YOFA jhe Sessions for a while.  You can find out more about this and why I am doing it here

 When you sign up, you get 8 sessions per month and the results are guaranteed.

You can find out more about the YOFA jhe Sessions (and the YOFA Inner Circle) at by clicking the links.  Also, take a look at some of the feedback I've received here.  I'm not sure when I will open registration again, so if this interests you, please be sure to register before Midnight Eastern, 9 pm Pacific tonight.

All Love,

Today's YOFA jhe Session 8-24-08

xaxisabovebelowsm.jpgI did a YOFA jhe Session for the list today.

Today's session supports the jhe in your physical body and your personality. 

This session focused on the side-to-side X-axis for healing.  (For more about the role of the X-axis in physical and emotional healing, please consult Rooted in the Infinite.)

As a result of this session I expect you to feel a sense of your body as peaceful within and active without.  This may give you a "springy" feeling.  It makes your muscles feel more elastic and your joints more flexible.  It makes your cells more tuned to each other so that they work together as a unified whole (you).

  • If you are dealing with a health problem, this can accelerate your healing and reduce any symptoms you may be experiencing.  This can be especially helpful in reducing what manifest as sharp pains to mere discomfort or nothing at all.
  • If you are basically "healthy" this session can bring out an energy in your muscles that makes you want to be more active, more athletic, or more expressive with your body. 
  • If you are a singer, your voice may be louder today. 

Since this increase in energy is coupled with (and springs from) a sense of inner peace, it is authentic and produces good results in your life.

In your personality this session helps you to feel good about yourself and can actually make you look more bright, clear, and attractive. 

Thank you for being a part of this jhe session.  If you are not yet a member of the YOFA jhe Sessions, you can find out more and sign up for free sessions here:

With Love and Appreciation,



To begin an inner alignment practice for Spiritual awareness, healing, and joyful manifestation, work with the exercises In the Practice Section of  "Rooted in The Infinite." 

Disclaimer: This is offered for general well being and does not diagnose or treat medical conditions.

Today's YOFA jhe Session 5-15-08

xaxisabovebelowsm.jpgI did a YOFA jhe Session for the list today.

As a result of today’s session I expect you to see an improvement in your physical well being.

This session was attuned to the cellular level and more specifically to the level of the cell membrane.

You may notice this as a general sense of higher energy. It can feel like bounce in your step or a desire to exercise. That is your muscles asking you to use them. They want to do what they were born to do. They love to work and play and they are asking you to take them out for a “drive.” Play some tennis, run around the block, toss a ball around with your kids. If you are ill or weak, you can visualize your favorite physical activity and your muscles will smile from the memory. They will move toward that image in your manifested life.

As the cell membrane becomes vibrationally more robust, many good things happen. You may see a balancing in your physical functioning. If you’ve got something that is abnormally high or low, this type of session helps your body regulate to the normal range. If your emotions have been out of whack, this type of session helps you get grounded in your magnificence and that is an emotion that does not tip very easily.

With Love and Appreciation,
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Disclaimer: This is offered for general well being and does not diagnose or treat medical conditions.