Depression, Gravity, and Your Energetic Spine

 I just read a statistic that 10% of women and 4% of men are taking antidepressants.

I know that for some people, this season that is intended to be joyful can harshly amplify what we call depression.  I say "what we call depression" because I don't think we're all calling the same thing "depression."

I have a different take on depression. It has to do with gravity and how it pulls all things down.  And so the antidote becomes clear.  Spirit brings all things up.  And our access to that uplifting energy is in the energetic spine.

That's a simplified version of it. (The long version is in Rooted in the Infinite.) And by the way, this approach does not conflict with any form of treatment since it is purely natural.

I’m holding out my hand this season. 

Well, my proverbial hand. 

I’m putting forward some (radically) different ways of looking at depression and offering some (energetically) different ways of dealing with it.


Today's YOFA jhe Session 9-18-08

xaxisabovebelowsm.jpgI did a YOFA jhe Session for the list today.

This session focused on the Y-axis (vertical) as Love lives within you.

As a result of this session I expect you to feel a sense of uplift.

The Y-axis provides the opposite of gravity so this can manifest in many different ways for you.  (To understand this better please read Rooted in the Infinite.)

Let's start with the emotions. 

Anything resembling depression, and that includes what we call a "heavy heart" or a feeling of "carrying the world on your shoulders," all these weighty states lighten up when the Y-axis is aligned. 

So if you have felt heavy or depressed emotionally, this session may very well get you to start remembering some of the sweetness of life, some of the things you love.  You may begin to feel much lighter.

Now let's talk about your physical body.

When gravity reverses energetically, your organs lift, your joints get some relief, and your skin lifts.

If you are young and basically healthy you may not feel or notice any of this, but if you have been "drooping" you may notice a slight energetic facelift.  Also the organs feel "happier" when they are lifted.  Your posture may be the most obvious shift.

Thank you for the great privilege of doing this jhe session for you.

With Love and Appreciation,
To begin an inner alignment practice
For Spiritual awareness, healing, and joyful
Manifestation, work with the exercises In the
Practice Section of  "Rooted in The

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PS – I mean that literally about the facelift – take a look in the mirror.