How Ho'oponopono Found Me

drhewlenIt was practically glowing.   But wait. I'm getting ahead of myself.

Waiting for the Book

Years ago, the editor of a paperback collection of self-help tools invited me to contribute one of my articles. I knew there would be some big name authors on the roster and I eagerly awaited my sample copy of the book.

When the shiny brick of self-help pages finally found its way to my receptive eyes and hands, the strangest thing happened. I can't even remember exactly how it all unfolded but the focal point of that book became one single article for me. Like an old vinyl record spinning around and around with one simple peg at its center, my mind kept wrapping around and around this article.

When I recommended the book to my friends, I almost forgot that I too had an article in this book. I was quick to show them my favorite: The one that had captured my attention from the moment I received the book.

======= Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len Cured Patients He Never Saw. =======

This magnetic article was more of an outrageous story than a self-help technique. It took place in a hospital ward for the criminally insane. (Not usually the kind of story that grabs me.) But in this true story something seemingly miraculous happens. A Hawaiian therapist is able to cure all the criminally insane inmates in the hospital ward by doing nothing but looking within himself.

The startling notion that someone could have such a beneficial impact on others by becoming 100% responsible in his own life and consciousness breaks the status quo. It completely quakes our cultural belief systems. At least it did for me.

======= Total Responsibility =======

The possibility of becoming completely 100% responsible (for everything) rocked my world. The funny thing is that this is not the first time I encountered this type of approach. But the message was finding a new way into my awareness. A way it never had before.

I read and reread the article trying to extract the technique. I wanted to know how he did it. As far as I could tell, it was all described in this slim article. And yet it seemed way too simple. Could this miracle have come from something as simple as taking full responsibility and saying, "I'm sorry," and, "I love you," over and over again?

======= Fast Forward a Few Years =======

In time, Dr. Joe Vitale, the author of that article, would come to partner up with Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len (often called Dr. Len for short) to create a book, seminars, and recordings on the practice of Zero Limits. Together they would bring this method called Ho'oponopono to more and more people like me.

And so, as I sit here at my desk watching videos of a Ho'oponopono Zero Limits seminar, and as I have Joe Vitale and Dr. Len right here on my computer screen, explaining this method to me in step-by-step fashion, I am once again amazed. And as I am finding out that it really is as simple as was described in that first article, I'm also finding out that "simple" runs very deep.

Ho'oponopono found me years ago, and I am very grateful to Dr. Joe Vitale and Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len for offering more and more materials so that this is no longer just a story. It is now a method I can use from moment to moment to moment.

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Speak Gratitude With Your Hands

"Things like to be told, 'Thank you.'" – Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len

Words of gratitude spoken with the voice have enormous power.

Words of gratitude spoken silently in the mind, like a mantra, cleanse the mind.

But what about your hands?

Words of gratitude spoken with your hands bring success in the world. When the hands speak the harmonious language of gratitude, the work they produce is beneficial and attracts prosperity.

What Are Your Hands Saying?

It is easy to understand that you speak with your voice. Now I'd like you to consider the idea that you also speak with your hands. I'm not talking about sign language. I'm talking about every movement, every gesture, and every contact initiated by your hands. Your hands are generating waves of harmony or disharmony with every movement. You can increase the harmonious field around your hands by filling their "conversation" with appreciation.

How to automatically say, "Thank You" with your hands

This is a simple process you can do everyday to improve your life in dramatic and unpredictable ways.

First, look at your hands.

Your hands are in almost constant motion. They are either moving through the air or they are making contact with another person, with each other, or with an "inanimate" thing. You can use your hands in a way that causes them to automatically say, "thank you," with each gesture.

Try This

  1. Take a moment in the morning to consciously feel the unconditional love in your heart. This is a love that is innate and needs no specific object. It is pure love. It is the essential nature of who you are. You may find easiest access to this pure form of love through words of gratitude.
  2. Let this Divine Love flow down your arms and pool in your hands.
  3. Let your hands become so filled with love that this love spills from your hands onto everything they touch. They spray and splash love forward whenever you wave your hands about.

It may take a few moments of meditation to feel this as real. Take your time. A small authentic awakening of this love is more powerful than a big idea with no real feeling.

Three shifts take place in sequence as a result of this practice:


When your hands become so fully attuned to love that they habitually send love out, there is an automatic shift in what they receive.


They receive the best from everything they contact.


And with that, comes an effortless "thank you," from your hands. In other words, your hands automatically speak words of gratitude.

To sum it up, the intentional generation of love creates an automatic receiving of good which prompts an automatic state of gratitude.

As the flow of love from your hands causes them to become automatic in their speaking of gratitude, there is a double message always emanating from your hands. They vibrate in a constant alternation between love and gratitude. This is the perfect energy to promote everything you want your hands to accomplish.

With this energy vitalized in your hands, your hands speak gratitude almost all the time. You become highly effective. The work of your hands becomes light filled and you cannot help but prosper.

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