Martin Luther King Jr.


I invite you to watch this video and listen to the whole speech. (It's a little over 17 minutes.)
Regardless of the color of your skin or the country of your origin, I invite you to study this man's clarity and determination as a lesson and a model.

Somewhere toward the end of minute seven, he says, "Let us not seek to satisfy our thirst for freedom by drinking from the cup of bitterness and hatred."

He speaks of "meeting physical force with soul force."

I believe that these are the images and instincts of peace and evolution, not only for our nation's racial pain. but for the pain of humanity as we clash with each other on so many fronts.

I invite you to listen to this man's words as if you had never heard them before.  And if you really have never heard them before, I invite you to listen even more closely.

I invite you to contemplate this man's dream and vision and bring it to life in you so that it can evolve uniquely in your contribution to our human family.

Today's Bonus YOFA jhe Session 9-27-2008




I did a bonus high intensity YOFA jhe Session today for the members of the Inner Circle.

As a result of this session I expect the world to feel like a friendlier place to you.

  • You may find yourself expressing with greater authenticity as you feel safer in the world.
  • You may feel yourself open to greater intimacy with your loved ones as you feel secure in yourself and in your relationships.
  • You may find yourself expressing yourself more outrageously in your work as you feel more confident in your instincts and intuition.

This jhe session supports the alignment between your soul and your current incarnation.  The result of this alignment is beautiful expression wherever you place your focus.

Thank you for being a treasured member of the Inner Circle.

With Love and Appreciation,
To begin an inner alignment practice
For Spiritual awareness, healing, and joyful
Manifestation, work with the exercises In the
Practice Section of  "Rooted in The

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